New Beauty Buys – L’Oréal Wake Up & Glow

July 9, 2018

They say I did something bad… but why does it feel so good?

I’d like to start by saying that this purchase was not planned. I wanted to try this new line, don’t get me wrong, but when I ended up at the drugstore after a meeting in town for work, I didn’t know I would buy more than a brow pencil – which I didn’t find – but when I saw this line, I just couldn’t resist. Plus, they had a 3 for 2 offer for l’Oréal so really, it wasn’t my fault. They tempted me. And,  Camila Cabello’s face was all over the counter so they were really pushing it. Who can resist wanting to look like her?

I had seen several Youtubers trying this new line and was really attracted by the summery vibe of the products and look of the packaging. I mean, copper- rose gold lids? Peach smell? I’m in!

I decided to go for the Bonjour Nudista awakening skin tint, the Bonjour Sunshine tanned skin embellisher and the Life’s a Peach blush.

The idea of the line is to get a “unified and glowy complexion thanks to products enriched in natural ingredients” which screams summer if you ask me.

L'Oréal New Line 2 - copie

The Bonjour Nudista awakening skin tint is said to be part of the new generation of BB creams, mixing makeup and skincare. It claims that wishin 14 days of use, the skin is unified, brightened and visibly better. The product’s ingredient contains 92% of naturel ingredients and is infused with hydrating apricot oil, green tea extracts and anti-oxydant vitamin B. The goal of this product is to make the skin look unified, enhanced and to dim signs of fatigue for a natural finish. It also protects the skin from pollution.

I got mine in the shade medium light which I think is a great match for my skin color at the moment. The finish is very natural, this product is definitely a BB cream/tint, it doesn’t have a lot of coverage but it does even out the skin tone. My skin looks glowy and brighter and I look less tired when using this. My only issue has been layering products on top. When I powder my under-eyes, nose, chin and forehead, I notice that the powder sits on top of the tint and looks a bit cakey. It lasts for a good amount of time but as expected it doesn’t prevent oiliness whatsoever. I looked greasier that I usually do with an oil control foundation, but that is to be expected. However, blush does sit well on top of it, so maybe it’s just the formula of the powder (I use the Bourjois Healthy Mix)

The Bonjour Sunshine tanned skin embellisher  claims to reveal a sun-kissed complexion and to embellish the skin, lit from within for a golden naturel effect and 24h hydration. The tint is infused with hydrating coconut oil and adapts to the color of the skin. It’s said to give a smooth unified finish, the skin is subtly tanned without looking orange. It has FPS 20 and doesn’t contain fake tan.

This one I was a bit less sure of. I found it to look a bit streaky, though I used my fingers to apply it the first time. It doesn’t look orange so that’s good, but it didn’t fit my skin color perfectly even though it says it adapts (maybe because when I started using it I wasn’t as tanned as I am now). However, it’s still kind of a tint so the color is not too obvious and from afar, i t still looks okay. Same as for the awakening skin tint, it doesn’t prevent oiliness.

What I’ve enjoyed doing is actually mix the awakening skin tint and the tanned skin embellisher. It gives my skin a nice glowy, brightened, tanned look and has a little bit of sun protection. But at the moment I have been wearing a minimal makeup look so no base.

IMG_4952 - copie.JPG

Life’s a Peach blush smells deliciously of peach (duh) claims to have a creamy texture, doesn’t emphasize pores and wrinkles and is easy to apply. It contains 77% natural ingredients and is infused with peach extracts. It’s said to lift the cheekbones and give a “sparkly” complexion.

love this blush. First, it smells amazing. The first time I used it I get a Proust madeleine moment as it reminded me of summer when I was younger because my sister used to drink peach squash. The finish is gorgeous, a tiny bit sheen-y and natural-looking. I love pairing it with a little bit on the lid. The packaging also has a large mirror inside in a little compartment underneath which is very handy. It also comes with a little brush but I know I won’t use it, it’s still a nice touch though.


I’d love to try the Glow Mon Amour drops and one of the bronzers, have you tried anything from this range yet?

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  1. The peach blusher looks so nice, I love the packaging!! Xx

  2. Ahhh That peach blush looks absolutely stunning

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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