New Beauty Buys РLanc̫me Matte & Juicy Shakers

July 16, 2018

I’ve wanted these for so long. These babies have been in my life for the past 2 weeks and I can honestly say that I cannot picture my life without them now.

They had been on my ‘to-buy‘ list for so long but with a price tag of 25,99€ which represents my internet bill, let’s just say I preferred to wait.  And it was a good move because when I went to Sephora and remembered it was the summer sales and saw the ‘on sale’ counter with 30% off some shades of Lancôme included, I almost had a heart attack. I immediately looked at the shades and grabbed the juicy shaker in Mangoes Wild and the matte shaker in Magic Orange which were both on my list.

One of the best days of 2018 for sure.


They are so fun to use as you have to shake them up before using them which is unusual and enjoyable, the applicator is really nice and smooth and unexpectedly easy to use. I find that somehow the tip acts as a lip liner and helps to define the edges of the lips.

They smell so good. Mangoes Wild has a very fruity smell – not so mango-y but that’s fine – and Magic Orange is my fave though it’s quite indescribable, fruity for sure.

As Mangoes wild is a juicy shaker, the finish is glossy and the color is quite sheer. It’s nourishing and leaves a gorgeous tint on the lips.

Magic Orange being a matte shaker is very pigmented and has a matte finish. The best things about this product is that the staying power is absolutely amazing, not matter if you only put a thin layer on or a normal layer, it doesn’t transfer at all (so drinking, eating and kissing is totally fine) and it stays on for hours if not the entire day. What I often do is put a little bit on the center of my botton lip and then spread it out with my fingers or a lip pencil to get a more natural finish. The only thing is that it always leaves a stain on my finger but that only proves how good it is.

Here are how both shakers look after they dry out


Have you tried any of the Lancôme shakers? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Gorgeous colors! I would like to try at least one of them!

  2. These look so pretty

    Candice |

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