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October 11, 2017


Not to sound overexcited or anything but I think I have found my favorite lipstick of all times. And it’s drugstore.

Yes, you read correctly, favorite ever. Okay, a little bit of context. My lips get dry and flake-y super easily, so much that before a couple weeks ago, it was rare for me to be actually wearing a lipstick and even rarer to be doing so for the entire day. I would wear some if I knew that I only needed to wear it for a few hours and could relieve my lips within a few hours. I would line my lips with a nude lip liner and always – always – wear a thick lip balm and be good to go. My lips are quite pigmented lips so it was doing an okay job, though to be honest I felt sad not to be able to make the most of all the lipsticks the world has to offer.

But that, was before.

A few weeks ago, Alice May Snell, one of my favorite bloggers did a post on the new Bourjois lipsticks. Of course, being a huge fan of hers and of Bourjois I immediately read it and that’s when it happened. I knew instantly that I needed to get this product, like, asap.

So the next day I went into town to the drugstore and they had it!! It took me a  while to decide which one to get. They are 13,99€, not the cheapest of drugstore lipsticks, so I swatched a couple and got close to a window to try to see the actual color and finally decided on  n° 5 Brick à Brack.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis one is a gorgeous brick red color (hence the name) and it is perfect. It is darker than I expected but the artificial lights tend to make the color look a bit different than in natural lighting.

I’ve been wearing it at least three times a week for the past 3 weeks and it lasts all day, no need to touch up and no matter how much you drink (just be careful with eating oily food as the oil will break it down of course).

The first day I tried it I put it on a 7:15a.m. and took it off at around 6p.m. and it was intact. It hadn’t budged, it pretty much hadn’t faded off and my lips felt just a tiny bit dry but not desert like at all and I could have kept it longer no problem. Though it stays pigmented for ever, it is not a pain at all to take off which I really appreciate and does not leave a tint on the lips.

I love the shape of the bullet, it makes it super easy to apply and to line the lips. I never need a lip liner with this. I love that it dries down quite quickly as I am always scared after applying a lipstick that moving my lips will move the product around. They don’t smell like anything which I appreciate as some lipstick can have a too strong smell.

Though it is matte, it never feels drying and you cannot feel it on the lips nor does it emphasizes dry spots on your lips. What I do is I make sure to exfoliate if I have flake-y lips before, hydrate my lips and only keep a light layer of moisture on them before applying it.


I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the first thing I did at the end of that first day was to go back to Alice’s post to check out the swatches and plan which one to get next. I am still unsure as I love all of them but I think I’ll get a nude color.

Have you tried the Bourjois Velvet The Lipstick? What did you guys think and which shade did you get?

xxx G

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