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May 27, 2017


I spend most of my spare time watching either Youtube or Netflix and recently, Netflix has come up with so many amazing shows! I thought I would share with you my latests favorites!


Riverdale – This show takes place in the city of Riverdale, where on one 4th of July, Jason Blossom is said to have drowned after the boat he was on with his sister tipped. But it is not that easy. The story follows a few students of the local high school, their everyday life and the mystery that surrounds Jason Blossom’s death. This show was so good, quite unusual though it features some usual elements (nosy students, family drama, rich and poor kids, etc) but with a special vibe. I really liked the characters as well, some were quite unpredictable and you never know how the story is going to unfold. And omg the ending

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why – Well, who hasn’t heard or watched this show? It has had so much talk about it and some controversy as well. Personally, I really liked it. I thought it was a great change from what we usually see on TV and provide a real eye-opening view of the teenage life and troubles for some. If you haven’t heard of it (you must have been living under a rock or in a very remote country without internet or wifi) it’s about Hannah Baker, or more so, about the leading to her killing herself. After committing suicide, Clay finds some tapes in a box on his porch. More precisely, 12 tapes who each tells how a certain person influenced her killing herself. We follow Clay as he is told the story of Hannah and the people who hurt her with each episode being about a certain person. Needless to say, this is a tough story with really heartbreaking moments. Each actor is so freaking good that you feel like this is all true and so you keep on watching. And your heart breaks a little. A must-see.


Girlboss – I had heard of the book before, it was on my Amazon list, on my Audible list but I never got the chance to buy them. Then I saw that my mom was watching it and she told me she quite liked it, people were talking about it on Twitter so I put it on my Netflix list and started watching it. I really like it, basically it’s about Sophia, a 20-something young woman from San Francisco and how she creates an Ebay account before launching her own online shopping website. Her character is quite interesting, she is very outspoken, doesn’t care about authority (she keeps getting fired), is a bit lost to be honest but also very passionate about the business she wants to set up. The episodes follow her journey and are usually around 22 minutes-long. What I like about this show is the fact that we follow her journey has she tries to create something, to succeed and is based around a, at the time, quite unusual business (it takes place in the early 2000s). Plus, her character is super funny and the actress Britt Robertson is really good. I had seen her doing other very different movies and she is so good in this one.


Which one should I watch next? I really want to watch the Crowd, I saw a bit of it while my mom watched it but never entirely.

Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Gaby

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6 responses to “Netflix Current Must-Watch TV Shows”

  1. earthtoloz says:

    I just finished Riverdale and Girlboss – at first with both I wasn’t sure but once I got into them I loved them! I’m yet to see 13 reasons why, so maybe that will be the next. Great post girl x

  2. I love 13 reasons why!💗

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