Negative Opinions on Beauty, Self-Care & Fashion vs. Why They Matter

June 20, 2018

Being immersed in the working world alongside people who don’t think too much about beauty, how they dress and don’t even know what self-care is has been challenging.

Even people my age who are not necessarily “obsessed” with it share some of my views on it or at least understand why they are important for me because we are of the same generation. Working with people 10 to 20 – if not 30 – years older than me, discussing it with other grown-ups (still not really putting myself in this category apparently), I’ve been confronted to very different views on these subjects.

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Caring about Beauty and Clothes is Being Vain

Eh, no. That’s such a cliché and so not true. Caring about skincare and makeup is about respecting and loving yourself. It’s a way to feel more confident in your everyday life and when you are more confident, you can take on the world. Same goes with clothes. When you feel good in what you wear, you feel way better about yourself. And if Queer Eye has taught us something is that taking care of yourself on the outside is also about taking care of yourself on the inside.

“How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you” (Jonathan, Queer eye)

It’s all about Consumerism

For some people, maybe it is. For me, it’s not. It’s about finding products and pieces of clothing that bring me joy and confidence. It’s a way to be creative and to discover new things. It gets me excited and happy to start my day or finish it. Yes buying too much is not good for the environment and sometimes can be ethically questionable, but to some extent, you have to do what will make you happy and what feels right for you. Just put some thought into the process.

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People only care about self-care because it’s “Trendy” / It’s Something New so it’s Not Fundamental but just Another Trend

This one particularly annoys me to be honest. Yes, following a color trend per season is being trendy, buying a basket bag is trendy, but taking care of yourself is not about following a trend. It’s about improving the quality of your life, of how you feel, of your mental health and level of happiness.

Just because it’s something that has sprung in the mainstream society in the past couple years doesn’t mean it’s a trend but rather a realization that taking care of yourself is important. It’s giving yourself worth.

I have no time for beauty, fashion and self-care

Taking some time for yourself, for a good skincare session in the morning, finding a cute outfit to wear and five minutes to meditate or sit outside with your morning drink can be a good way to start your day right. Some people always feel like it takes ages to do all of that when in reality, it only takes a few minutes. It can bring you so much happiness that surely, anyone can find time for that.

It’s unnecessary / A waste of money / It does nothing

I’ve heard this not long ago about skincare “most products are just water and it’s just the action of rubbing that is good for the skin, it’s a waste of money put in an industry that does nothing but claims to make you more beautiful“.

No, just no.

It just means you have no clue about skincare which is fine, ask for help, but don’t criticize it if you know nothing about it. It’s an industry that is working to improve people’s skin and health, and therefore work on their confidence and self love. Yes, it represents a lot of money for something that yourself might consider not important, but think about the sports industry, some might also say it’s money thrown out of the window to watch a bunch of people following a ball, some see the physicality, the tactics and team spirit.

It depends if you decide to have a fixed idea on something or care to be challenged.

What are your views on beauty, fashion and self-care? 

4 responses to “Negative Opinions on Beauty, Self-Care & Fashion vs. Why They Matter”

  1. alice_kbsld says:

    I agree with your opinion! Great thoughts!

  2. I agree on everything it is so important to take the time out and care for yourself! You are so beautiful by the way!! ❤️❤️

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