My skin care routine for Winter – Some of my favorite products

December 4, 2018

November has been the month when I started to feel my skin changing. It got drier and more sensitive.

I started to change my skincare routine a little bit to adjust to the weather and even though I need a few other products to add to my skincare routine (see my post about…) some have made a difference about how my skin feels.

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The daily helpers

Origins ginzing energy-boosting gel moisturizer

This is much needed, especially during those gloomy days when I feel tired inside out and my skin needs a little boost of energy. I have a full review here.

Pixi Glow tonic

One of my need to have this everywhere I travel to product. I can’t live without this and especially in the colder months when I need a little more glow, this is a must-have for me.

Fresh sugar lip treatment (mini)

This smells like lemon pie and just this factor could push me to use this on the daily. However, as it’s only a mini size and my local Sephora doesn’t carry Fresh products, I try to use this as a treat… or just open it to smell it.

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The ones for a new skin

Caudalie deep cleansing exfoliator

Is it just me or does your skin also feels like sandpaper way too often in the colder months? I use this about once or twice a week, whenever I feel like my skin needs to get rid of its snake skin layer and refresh a little bit. Does the job perfectly, smells great and leaves my skin feeling super fresh. Winner.

The fresh soy face cleanser

Where have you been all my life? This cleanser is so gentle on the skin whilst still performing perfectly. Though it really does smell like soy to me, it reminds me everytime that it means that the ingredients truly are more natural.

L’oréal smooth sugars glow scrub

Ok so first, this smells bad. I can’t quite put my finger on the smell of this but it reminds me of something with a negative connotation. However, it does an amazing job at scrubing my face without irritating it, and melts after rubbing it for a bit into a cleanser-like paste so it’s easier to rince off and probably also helps to add glow.


The Christmas-y extras

Yves Rocher Red Apple Christmas collection shower gel

I am obsessed with this range. Though it doesn’t smell of red apples to me, I’ve become addicted to the scent of these products, so much that I got the largest size of the shower gel…

Yves Rocher Red Apple Christmas collection hand cream

… and of the hand cream. This formula is so good, it melts into the skin and gets absorbed super easily, keeps my skin soft for a long time and makes me smell delicious. Winner
What are your current winter skincare favorites?
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