My Favorite Shower Products – A Love Letter to Yves Rocher 

December 1, 2017

3This is becoming borderline obsessive. I’ve always loved Yves Rocher and it brings back so many good memories (see my other post here) but honestly, someone needs to stop me now.

So a few months I got Yves Rocher shampoos and conditioners as well as a shower gel as I had left mine home. Little did I know this would be the start of a lot more purchases there…

We went back a few weeks ago for Christmas presents and got my cousins some of their Christmas gift sets. Whilst in there, my sister and I started browsing the shower gel line, and hum, let’s just say that 5 minutes later I couldn’t get my credit card out of my bag because I didn’t have enough hands.

First, a little update on the shampoos and conditioner. The Monoï shampoo is still so amazing, my hair feels amazing, soft and clean after using it. I am pretty sure that the Golden Highlights shampoo did give me amazing gold reflects. I feel like my hair is slightly lighter than my naturally light-brown hair, and I do have gold reflects. The other day I was hanging out with a blonde friend and picked up a loose hair on my jeans. As it was very light I thought it was hers but I figured out because it was curly that it was actually mine and was quite impressed with the reflects.

I have still not used any other conditioner than the volume or repair ones. They are honestly incredible and do amazing things to my hair.

(Now, I keep talking about how the Yves Rocher hand cream is the best thing ever, especially for this winter so I’ll just say two things: hydration and softness. Oh, and smell. God these smell good. These are not featured in this post but you have to check them out)

I do really love a shower gel that smells good. I like to switch it up so, hum, I got 4 of them… A coconut one, a grapefruit one, and two that I hadn’t tried before the mango one which smells exactly like mangoes, and the Christmas edition one called “white vanilla”. This last one doesn’t really smell like vanilla but rather as a blend of creamy scents. I usually use the fruity ones during the day like after a workout, and the coconut and white vanilla ones at night as I find the smell very calming, probably because they are part of the “sensual” line and the other two the “energizing” line.

My last purchase, and honestly I don’t know why I never tried it before, well probably because I am very fussy about body lotion, is the Coconut scented Body Lotion. It smells exactly like the shower gel and sinks into the skin very quickly and gives incredible hydration to the skin, I’m obsessed (and want to get the mango version for the day but shh).

I don’t have any currently as we don’t have a bathtub but there bath salts are also really good as well as their scrubbing shower gels.

Prices: Monoï shampoo: 3,90€ , Golden Highlights Shampoo: 3,30€, Conditioner: 3,50,  Shower Gel (400ml): 3,50€, Shower Gel (200ml): 2,50€, Body Lotion (390ml): 3,95€.

Have you ever tried Yves Rocher? Which is your favorite product from the brand?


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