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October 23, 2016


Hello guys,

As you might have understood, being a student on a budget, I mainly shop my makeup products at the drugstore. I find that I can find really great products (though sometimes it involves a bit of research first) to find quality products. In my opinion, l’Oréal as some great quality products at a reasonable price. Their prices are a tad higher that some other brands but the products are so well-packaged and have an amazing quality-price ratio in my opinion, so it’s worth the extra euros. So I thought that today I would talk about some of my faves.

First, my beloved Infallible 24h-matte foundation. I have already talked about this one so much but to be honest, it took me almost 5 months to think about switching foundation. This product was something I was looking for for so long as it is both amazing on the skin and helps to prevent getting oily (which I get) and have to touch up. As a student, I can’t really put out my powder and brush during a class to touch up  so this was a life saver when it was around 30°C in our class at the beginning of term. Plus, when talking with a friend, I realized that, while her high-end foundation lasted around 2-3 months, mine still has a good amount of product in and I bought it in early June and hers is three times the price of the l’Oréal one. Amazing.

The Telescopic mascara in extra-black has been one of my favorite mascaras for so long. I love the tiny wand with the tiny plastic bristles. However, I found that the formula is a bit too wet at first, so let it dry out for around a month and it worked wonders after.

Another one of my faves is the Color Riche Le Knôl eyeliner in 118 Military Green. This one my best friend bought me for my birthday years ago and it’s still going strong. I absolutely love the formula of this one as it is both easy to apply and lasts pretty much all day. I also really love the color which as a bit of metallic in it. It makes my lash line appear thicker while not being as dramatic as a black liner.

I think the Lip Liner Couture by Color Riche in 302 Bois de Rose has been the first lip liner I ever bought. I love the color of this as it’s pretty much a my-lips-but-better color and I really like the formula which makes applying the lip liner easily because it’s not too “wet” (if that makes sense) and it lasts pretty well.

The Color Riche Rouges à lèvres – The reds in Julianne is so great. I really like the color which is a pink nude and it smells so good it’s incredible. It gives a slight shine to the lips that makes them look more plump.

3 4

Top to bottom:

Lip Liner in 302 Bois de rose – Eyeliner in 118 military green – Lipstick in Julianne.

Do you have other products from l’Oréal that you love that I could try?

Hope you enjoyed!

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2 responses to “My Favorite l’Oréal products”

  1. They are so good! Will definitely try the brow plumper then!

  2. yasminjager says:

    I really love the l’oreal products too! Especially the brow plumper😍

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