My Blogging Experience & A Huge Thank You – 300 Followers

December 10, 2017

FullSizeRender 3I haven’t been a serious blogger for that long, I think I started getting really being serious about blogging last April when I started my internship. I was out of College for the year and had way more time to think about blogposts and put some serious work into it.

I would find myself writing lists of blogposts ideas, getting ideas about photography and get so excited and inspired about it. That’s also when my love for Bloglovin started. Having a place where I could catch up with the blogs I follow and discover so many more is such a huge help and definitely has inspired me ever since.

It took me a while to really find my blogging path though. I have always loved anything beauty-related, but coming from a family who does not, I never really had many beauty products. It didn’t stop me from watching many beauty Youtubers and following many beauty bloggers, but somehow, I felt like it wasn’t going to be my niche as I didn’t own “enough” products nor had tested much (this has changed a bit since though…). Plus, I knew it wasn’t all I wanted to talk about. And then, the Lifestyle category came into my life. I realized my blog is my own place of the Internet and there are no rules to blogging. I now write about anything that I am passionate about, hopeful that it would speak to other people or help anyone. My only rule for my blog is to be passionate about what I put out there.

I love sharing, whether its my experiences, advises, what drives me, what I love or my struggles. It’s not always easy though, sometimes I feel a bit nervous about putting my life out there, sharing my thoughts and my issues. It makes me feel a bit vulnerable, but I know that thanks to some people who did just that, I have grown a great deal and I’ve learned so much that it would be wrong not to give back.


At times, blogging can seem like a competition and I feel like a fraud. I think low of myself compared to the amazing, incredibly talented bloggers I follow and admire. But I know that it happens to people everyday, comparison is a problem we all have to confront at some point. And I know it never lasts because they always end up making my blogging experience even better.

I can honestly say that I am so incredibly grateful that now more than 300 of you are following me on this journey. I never ever imagined there would be so many of you. I mean, for some it’s not that many, a lot of bloggers have more that 500 followers or even thousands of them, but for small me, this is a huge milestone. When I saw the numbers growing for the past few months, I had hoped (without really believing it could happen) to reach 300 followers before the end of 2017, and it happened a month early. I think of it as an early Christmas present, and one I will definitely remember.

To anyone who reads, likes, comments and subscribes on my blog, thank you. Thank you for making me so happy and filling this hole in my heart I could feel was empty.

For me, reading a blogger’s work allows the time to slow down, makes me feel less alone, sets my worries aside, awakens my inspiration, and always reminds me of why I am a blogger. Whether you are one or not, I hope that someday my blog can do all that to a reader, and maybe, hopefully it already has for some people.

From the bottom of my heart, again, thank you so much,

xx Gabrielle


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11 responses to “My Blogging Experience & A Huge Thank You – 300 Followers”

  1. Well done lovely, you deserve all your followers as your blog is great. X

  2. Brynn says:

    congratulations!!! I love reading your blog so much and this is such an exciting milestone! xx Brynn

  3. brynnieblogs says:

    I LOVE reading your blog! so so so many congratulations on 300!!! xx Brynn

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