My 5 Tips To Save Time In The Morning

February 20, 2017


Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you but mornings can be rough for me when I didn’t get enough sleep. I do suffer from anxiety and usually wake up about 2-5 times at night so usually when my alarm goes off… I am so not ready for getting ready in a rush. However, for a few weeks now, I have organized myself a bit more so that I can actually enjoy taking a bit of time to get awake in the morning while still being on time. Here are my 5 tips to be more efficient and quick in the morning.

1. Prepare you breakfast the night before

Bowls, pans, spoons, etc… and basically any food that can stay out of the fridge (like oats, cinnamon, chia seeds…) and lay everything on the table or the counter (if you need to cook). It honestly saves me a few lifesaving minutes in the morning as I tend to be a bit slow when I wake up.

2. Prepare your clothes the night before

I never know what to wear usually and having decided the night before makes it easier to just throw it on and be done with this. And you can think it through a bit more by thinking about accessories and perhaps the makeup look you’d like to wear with it.

3. Have you products laid in the bathroom/bedroom or easy to reach

Having to search drawers and cabinets in the morning to search for your skincare products, your makeup your brush… can take several minutes that cannot be spared in the morning so I like to put everything out the night before so that I can grab everything super quickly in the morning. I especially do that for my makeup, I have a makeup bag filled with what I want to use that week and just lay everything so I don’t waste time grabbing everything out and also to make sure I won’t forget anything major.

4. Pack up your things in advance

I always make sure at night that everything I need is in my school bag. I hate having to run around in the morning for my things so just having to add my laptop is perfect.

5. If you bring lunch to school/work/somewhere else, get it all ready the night before

I like to prepare my lunch bag beforehand with things life a fork, a knife, a spoon if needed, a paper towel, a water bottle and just add the food tupperware in the morning before throwing everything in my bag.

If needed… Program your alarm 5 mins before needed

This one is totally optional if you don’t have problems waking up and just want to get going. I know that for me, being able to just lay there for a few minutes makes it easier for me to be a bit more awake and not have a headache because I can just open my eyes and adjust a bit more to the light, moving them and streeetch.


What advice would you add to this list? Anything that could help me even more?


Hope you enjoyed this and have a good one!

xx Gaby

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2 responses to “My 5 Tips To Save Time In The Morning”

  1. I usually bypass posts like this when so much of it is common sense but your points really do summarise the essentials! I’ve been having the same breakfast everyday recently and have it nailed down to a tee, even getting to the microwave with 00.01 second left!
    Clothes is always a good shout the night before – I do need to master the packing the night before though, especially when I’m running around London getting trains to Wales and what not!
    Great post xx
    Lauren, Xx

    • So happy you read it! Routine is essential in the morning for me, and packing at night saves me some precious minutes in the morning – I totally get the running around, packing could be your saviour indeed 😀
      Thank you for reading! xx Gaby

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