My 5 tips For Staying Organized & Stress-free

October 5, 2016

Hi everyone!

As a Master’s student now, I have learned a lot about how I learn best and how to stay organized (most of the time… I’m human). So today I wanted to share with you the 5 main tips I have for being organized, stress-free and still have some time to chill.

  1. Lists and alarms

Everyone comments on the fact that I always make lists for everything. Whether it’s on a piece of paper or my phone, I always have a list of what I need to do. What I do is that I take a small notebook, and on each side I write down the weekly days and the dates. I write down things I know I have to do like “Tuesday 4th: essay about consumer habits; Friday: send email to accountant; Monday 10th: exercices on data analyses”… Then, every Saturday, I take a piece of paper and I write down what I need to do that weekend. Then on Sunday night, I make a list for the week of what I still have to do or to work on , and along with my classes/life, I add new things to be done. If it’s something that is really important or that I am not sure I will remember to do, I will put an alarm on my phone (or several) to make sure I am even less likely to forget (especially if it’s something not studies related).

2.  Organize your work

Something that I didn’t think about doing in the past was to plan something to do more than once. For example, let’s say that you have a paper to write, nothing major but you will have to make a bit of research. Before, I would have planned to do it, let’s say all Wednesday afternoon (if I don’t have class) without thinking that I might have something else to do, or that I would have to go somewhere, or that I might not be feeling to great/tired, or simply that I needed more time to finish it and be able to go through it again to make sure that I have covered everything I needed to. Now, if I need to write a paper, I will make sure that it appeared around 3 times on my weekly  calendar, even if I don’t spend that much time on it. I know now that my work is better if I have worked on it several times, as I don’t have the same outlook on it everytime.

3. Plan in advance

Now into my fifth year of studies, I know better than to do everything at the last minute. Whether it’s school related or life-related, I like to plan in advance so that I won’t remember in the middle of the night that my paper is due the next week or that I still haven’t filled in whatever papers. I write down on my weekly calendars for the few weeks before the due date the task to do so that I won’t forget to work on it.

4. Try to have an organized environment

Whether it’s your apartment/house/dorm room, try to keep everything a bit tidy so that you know where things are like important documents, your camera, your notebooks, a certain book, etc… so that when you will need it, you will find it easily and won’t get all angry and sweaty looking for it and lose time.

5. Plan some time off to!

I know now that I cannot work after dinner and that I need some time to chill at the weekend without feeling bad for not working. Every night, I try to finish studying or working on something before dinner, because if I work after, I know for a fact that I won’t be able to sleep and/or relax. My brain won’t be able to shut up and I will start getting anxious etc. At the weekends, I usually am pretty tired, as we all are, so I like to plan so time off either each night (like after  5 pm I stop studying) or when I can, I take Sunday afternoon off so that I can do what I can’t do all week like binge watch on some Youtube videos or watch a series/film. During that moment I know that I won’t be feeling bad for not studying or doing something else because I will have organized myself well enough so that I can have that time to myself.

Everybody is different when it comes to organizing but I hope that it might help you a bit. I know that this organization works for me and that it keeps me on top of things either life or school-related. Hopefully it might help you as well!

Have an amazing day and week!

I hope you enjoyed !

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