My 5 Essentials for The Colder Months

November 23, 2017

My 6 WInter essentials to fight the colder monthsNovember is soon going to give way to December (woohooo Christmas is in 1 month and 2 days!) and the cold has definitely settled in. It has definitely taken time here in Grenoble for the weather to really switch and for me change has been brutal, especially for my skin.

I very quickly have had to change my routines, my habits and what I use on a daily basis.

For me, winter equals dry skin and the overnight change made it worse this year as if my skin was screaming out “give me moisture!”.

I’ve been using the Garnier Aloe Vera moisturizer for the past few weeks (you can see my review on the Aloe Vera range here) and I can tell that it’s doing its job. My skin doesn’t tug has it used to a few years ago and doesn’t leave any residue on my face. It gives moisture and provides a clean fresh canvas for makeup.

My body has always been very dry for some reason, suffering of Keratosis aka chicken kin on my arms and front of my thighs, moisturizing my body has always been a must for me. I cannot get out of the shower and put on my pjs without putting a body moisturizer on if I don’t want to be ripping everything off soon because of how scratchy and tuggy my skin will feel.

For some reason, until a few weeks ago, I had never tried a Yves Rocher body moisturizer. I have so many of their shower gels and haircare but never thought of getting a body moisturizer. I am quite picky with them as I cannot deal with a greasy feeling on my skin that’s going to rub on my clothes. So I have been sticking to my trusty Garnier one. But oh dear, the Yves Rocher Coconut Body Lotion is so good. First of all, I have the shower gel equivalent and it smells incredible, plus, even though the formula is very thin it provides a ton of moisture but sinks into the skin very quickly without leaving any residue.

I wash my hands a lot and even in summer, my hands, especially my knuckles, can feel quite dry so I always try to keep my hands somewhat moisturized. Again, I cannot deal with greasiness, especially on my hands, but the Yves Rocher hand cream is a lifesaver. As any of their product, it has an amazing scent and provides incredible moisture and no greasiness. I always have these two in my handbag and use them once or twice a day without feeling the need to wash my hands afterwards. I am obsessed and have converted my Taiwanese friend who went and bought a few to bring back home.

All year round to some degree, I suffer from dry flaky lips. It’s honestly something that bothers me as it often means that lipstick will look stranger and dry skin will show. But for the past few years, thanks to my aunt, I have discovered the amazingness of Homeoplasmine. I get this at the Pharmacie as a small tube of a very thick paste. A little goes a very long hydrating way and lasts forever on the lips. It is aimed at quenching skin irritation in winter so it can be used anywhere, the sides of your nose, your knuckles, your lips but basically anywhere you feel the need to get some quick soothing hydration.

My face Keratosis has been really annoying me for the past few weeks. When I realized that the red tiny bumps on my face that never go away no matter what I do and can look like pimples and sometimes just look very bumpy and red were actually Keratosis pillaris, the same thing I have on my arms and front legs, I kind of crashed. I knew it meant it wouldn’t go away and I had to deal with it.

I’ve done some research and though there is nothing that can make it go away forever, a lot of moisturizing can help a lot. As it means that my skin produces too much keratin which obstructs the pore and dries out the skin, I have started doing a coconut oil face mask every night before my shower. I have started doing last week and could always tell the next day that my skin was looking better. It also helps other part of my face to fight dryness which is always a plus.


What are your must-have Winter products?


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