Marionnaud Christmas palette – review

January 7, 2017

Hello guys!

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve done a post, probably about 2 weeks, time flies!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays! I wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope it will be full of love, laughter and that you will be healthy, successful in everything that matters to you and happy.

For Christmas, my parents got me this cool Marionnaud palette and after using it for about a week and playing with the shadows, I thought I would give you my thought on it.



I love the packaging, it opens like a book which is very satisfying for a bookworm like me, and the packaging helps to prevent the shadows from breaking if you drop the palette, which is a plus. However, it’s not the most practical thing to travel with but the cuteness of the packaging makes me look past that…






On the left side you have a nice mirror which comes really handy, as well as cards to help you create different looks which I think is very clever as some people might be starting to wear makeup and don’t know how to achieve a certain look and it gives them a bit of guidance to be more comfortable.





On the right side, you have the 50 shadows with a transparent paper on top with the numbers that are on the  cards.image4The shadows themselves are quite “buttery” but I find it hard to use brushes with them. I feel like they don’t pick up enough product and that using my (clean) fingers makes it easier to apply the shadows and blending them. I also definitely advise you to use a primer underneath as they tend to leave lines on my lids after a few hours (I have hooded eyes as well which doesn’t help…). The shadows don’t stay perfectly on all day, they fade a little bit but still leave a nice color on the eyes so you don’t look like your makeup has disappeared during the day.

The palette offers a really nice variety of colors which offers a very wide possibilities for different makeup looks from more nude looks to deep let’s-party-all-night looks.

This palette was quite affordable and I believe it was a Christmas special but I would advise  you to buy a Marionnaud palette if you come across the brand as they usually do really nice palettes to achieve different looks and they have really great prices.

I hope you find this post interesting and again, Happy New Year you beautiful people!


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