L’Oréal Color Riche Nail polishes: review

August 14, 2016


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I come to you with a post about the latest nail polishes from l’Oréal from the Color Riche range. They come in 22 colors, but for now, I have 224 Rose Ballet, a pink with brownish undertone with a bit of red (left) and 114 Nude Demoiselle which is a white with a hint of pink in it (right) (but I will definitely get more!).

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They are the first nail polishes with oil and have a very glossy finish. I have to say that they smell amazing and don’t chip easily which is really nice because I wash my hands constantly , they usually stay on for about 4-5 days before starting to chip towards the tip of the nails. The colors are really gorgeous and shiny, I really want to get 550 Rouge Sauvage, 222 Jardin des Roses and 444 Orange Triomphe (at least for now 😉 ).

However, I also got 110 Cristal which is transparent, but the only time I wore it on its own, it chipped in like 24h and I could literally pull it out myself. I don’t know if it was my nails but I really didn’t like that one. Anyway, it’s the only one which did that so that’s fine.

I’ll definitely try more of this range as the color payoff is so beautiful and glossy and will let you know!

I hope you enjoyed!

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2 responses to “L’Oréal Color Riche Nail polishes: review”

  1. It’s too beautiful indeed! I always get compliments when I wear it!

  2. camikami says:

    I have Rose Ballet and I absolutely love it!

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