L’Occitane skincare review – Cleansing Milk and Foam cleanser

December 17, 2018

Can you believe that I am French and I had never tried any l’Occitane products before? I know *in Monica’s voice*.

I have no reason other than it was hard to get my hands on them. I’d been eyeing them ever since I saw people talking about them in the blogosphere and Youtube world so when I came across them in my local Galeries Lafayette a few weeks ago I did a little happy dance. Why did I not think about looking for them there, who knows. I was looking for a few things from Caudalie and actually the nice lady at the counter told me that I could try the exact same product from the l’Occitane range which had 25% off. The cleansing milk was aimed for sensitive skin as well and the cleansing foam for oily skin so I went for it.

L'occitane cleansing milk

The Shea Cleansing Milk

With Winter just around the corner and the weather being significantly colder, I’ve adjusted each step of my winter routine and the Garnier Micellar water, though being great, was no longer cutting it. I wanted to use a cleansing milk for the more hydrating version of it being thicker. I have the Caudalie cleansing milk at my parents and I love it. So when the counter lady showed me the l’Occitane Shea Cleansing Milk I knew I’d get on with it. The formula is perfect, not too thick not too watery and it doesn’t irritate my skin. It has the perfect l’Occitane smell of shea butter and I love using it to remove my makeup at night. It doesn’t sting my eyes too much – I always dissolve my mascara with water beforehand and always end up looking like a panda – but I always make sure to rub it into the cotton before applying it on the eyes rather than applying a dollop on the cotton as I do for the face. I even brought it to my parents last weekend because I love it that much.

Price: £19 for 150 ml / 19€ pour 150ml

L'occitane perfecting purifying foam

The Pivoine Pure Perfecting Purifying Foam

I’m already obsessed with the l’Occitane Pure Perfecting Purifying Foam. First, the smell is absolutely amazing being floral but not smelling fake which is so nice and feels amazing in the morning to wake me up.

What I love about this product is that though it’s watery in the bottle, it comes out as a foam so I don’t have to rub it in to wait for it to foam up which helps save me a few seconds in the morning. Though it’s a foam, it’s not stripping on the skin and doesn’t dry out my face nor irritate it. My face feels super clean and fresh after using it and what a treat to my skincare routine this has been.

Price: £19 for 200ml / 19€ pour 200ml

L'occitane cleansing milk and perfecting purifying foam 4

What have you tried from l’Occitane?

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