Living abroad: study and family

March 9, 2016


I am currently in my last semester abroad – already!, I have been studying at the University of Birmingham since September and I will be ending my year abroad in June.

It is the first time I have lived abroad for that long – the last time was an internship in Miami for 9 weeks, and I have to say that it is both incredible and challenging.

I love living in an English-speaking country, being in another country where the people and the culture are different. You experience life differently I think, because from one country to another, you don’t really know what can be done and what is rude. It seems stupid but it is actually difficult in some situations. Like a few weeks ago, my Spanish class had just finished and I was putting my things in my bag when a guy from my class came up to me and told me that he liked my new haircut and it looked good on me. In France, it would mean he was hitting on me, but what did it mean in England? So I just smiled, thanked him and said it was really nice of him.


Studying abroad also is different because we totally don’t study and act the same way in class in France. Here, teachers actually care about what you say and what you think, in France, teachers care more about everyone learning different ways of thinking but not in an individual way, if that makes sense. Here, people participate in Lectures and Seminars, they ask other students to explain or challenges their view. It’s really interesting to see that from a country to another you are taught differently. For example, in my American History class last year, we were taught more about the economic and political aspects of the US, here, we also have a large overview of the way Americans were living, the culture, the society which is soo interesting. The teacher will always start the class, while we take out our stuff, putting music on from the period we are working on. I am in no ways bashing the French styding system, even though as any it is not perfect, but it’s funny to see the differences when it comes to learning and teaching.

The campus is always buzzing of students from all over the world which is pretty amazing, I love encountering people with different mother tongues and cultures.


I know that I am really lucky to be styding abroad and in such an amazing university. But I still miss my family and my home sometimes.                                                                                   As I said, I never lived away for so long and even though I went back home for three weeks during Christmas break, I have been back here two months now and will return to France in three. Fortunately we have Skype and Telegram to communicate and my sister and I snapchat all the time, but I still feel like I am missing out on some family quality time sometimes – FOMO alert, and that my sister needs me and I am not there. She started High School in September and I wish I could be there for her (she can and does sends me her homework so that I can revise it if she wants and can ask me help, but you know) but I know -well, I hope, that it doesn’t affect her to much, me being so far. I have always been close to my sister even though she is 6 years younger than me. She is the fuuunniest girl ever and I enjoy spending time with her. We always have the best time together and I like to think that I know her better than anyone else. We are very alike in some aspects and different in others and even though we are not the same age, we like being together. We  spend hours in each other’s room doing anything from homework, watching Youtube videos, or even doing nothing. Usually, Happy aka the Cutest Funniest Dog Ever Who Thinks He Is A Baby joins us so that he can sleep on a comfy bed while we pet and kiss him. Don’t get me wrong, I also miss my parents, I have always been close to them and they are always so supporting to everything we do that I still text them to ask random things just to make sure or send them pictures everywhere I go.

Anyways, sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to kind of talk about my experience I guess, I have always wanted to do this, study abroad, but I didn’t know how it would go so, even though it is different for everyone I thought you might enjoy this post.


Hope you guys enjoyed!

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