My Summer 2018 in a Nutshell – A little life update

September 12, 2018

I am SO ready for Autumn. It’s technically still summer until the 23rd September and it’s still way too hot for my liking here in France, but in my mind, September 1st is the start of a new season.

It’s probably because of the academic new year that I feel that September is the start of a new chapter.


Summer has been a funny one this year. I finished my internship at the end of July, went back to my parents to leave the next day for a trip to London. We had booked this holidays months before and I was ready for it. The U.K. holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I’ve done my year abroad 3 years ago (whoa, time flies) and I’m in love with the Brits. It always feels like coming home in a way – see what I did there? haha –   so every time trip is very special. Last year we went to Brighton and loved every second of it (you can read about it here, here and here) and this year was no different. The weather was amazing and as always, everything felt right in the world when we were there. It was also the trip that marked the end of my internship and scarily, of my academic years as well. I’ve been I was a higher education student for 6 years and knowing that it was over somewhat didn’t sink in. I still called myself a student and the fact that I spent so much of my time working on my thesis made it harder to believe.


Talking about the thesis… Oh my word, it was a long process. Thankfully, I had started working on it at the end of June to define my plan and research question. The teacher who was working with me on it was really helpful and I could count on her to help me get the best job done. Even though I had been wanting to be on the finishing steps of it by the time August rolled on, it was a bit more complicated than that and I ended up really finishing it around the 20th of August, which is not too bad. But then I had to prepare for the oral defense…


See the white/blue and the red rides? We did both.

Thankfully, my boyfriend, sister and I went on a Spanish trip to Barcelona for one day and then two days at the amusement park PortAventura and it really helped to release some tension and think about something else for a change. It was incredibly hot and humid there and really tested us but overall, this is a trip I’ll never forget. My sister and I even worked ourselves up to go on the two scariest rides of the main park on the last day with my boyfriend and boy am I proud. If you know me, I’m so not one for being really spontaneous in my actions, but I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t. I already knew this but doing this really proved me how true it is. Never not do something because you are afraid or you’ll probably regret it at some point.

IMG_3413 6

At the end of August, my parents went to Portugal to visit family for 4 days and my sister and I – and of course beautiful doggie Happy – spent the four days chilling, going on walks, watching movies and making delicious healthy meals. As the start of her life as a student was approaching, I knew this was a stressful moments for her so I tried my best to make her more excited than scared about this new time in her life. It was so strange to shop with her for stuff for her Uni halls and picturing her doing the same things I did. In my mind she is still and forever will be 12.


The oral defense preparation was a bit of an annoying step for me, I could not wait to be over with this but I knew that preparing it well would mean that I would feel way more confident presenting and would result in a better mark. The oral defense went really well, my company’s coworkers came to support me and I was told that I’ve done a great job and anyone working with me would be incredibly lucky (cue crying home later…) and my teacher said I had a real talent for writing and great oral skills (cue more crying later…). It felt so nice after such a long process to hear that.


The downside of this summer was the waiting. I applied at the end of July for a job temporary contract job and had an interview a couple days before the end of my internship. I have no idea how I’ve done (do people actually can tell after an interview?) but I know I did my best, I didn’t lie and was honest about my skills. That’s all that matters. They told me they were closing for 3 weeks for the summer break as expected and that the process would really start after. So for the two last weeks of August and even still know, my phone is constantly on sound from 8:30.m. to 6:30 p.m.. I’ve just called and they told be they were still interviewing people so I don’t jump out of my skin as much every time my phone rings or I get an email but I’m a bit sick of waiting. I have applied to two more temp contracts jobs so I’m waiting to hear if I get an interview.

IMG_3485 2

I can’t tell you how strange it feels to be home every day and have nothing mandatory to do. I’ve always had reports to do, oral presentations to prepare or just classes to study and right now, I have nothing. But it doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. I go to the gym three times a week for my mental and physical health, I research job offers, and I finally have the time to concentrate more on my blog. I have so many ideas at the moment but to be honest what’s really stopping me is the money. Damn, blogging well ain’t cheap. I’d love to buy the Business plan on WordPress to be able to get a more professional template and I would like to buy a real good camera. Something else I want to work on is my Instagram, I’d love to post more full body posts and outfit photos but first, for that I need to actually have the funds to buy new clothes and second, I need a photographer. My sister is kind enough to do it when possible, but now that she’s starting University, I don’t want to bother her and go into town for that. I could ask my boyfriend, but for some reason (fearing judgment all the time probably) I fear to ask him – though he offers – or I’m afraid I’ll feel uncomfortable and it will end up looking bad and I won’t post it. Any advice on that?

I’m trying to stay positive and not overthink too much, though it’s not easy sometimes. But nothing can’t be fixed by a good workout sess, potato chips and Netflix, right?

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