Life Lately.

November 10, 2017

Life LatelyTomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday. And the week before that, it was my sister’s. How come mine was three months ago? Where has the time gone?

I honestly sometimes feel like life is slipping through my fingers and months are ticking away without me noticing. I thought I’d share with you a little update on how’s life right now.

1Well first of all, life is pretty good. I feel like it’s the first year that I really appreciate my class. Everyone is so positive and nice, it definitely helps with the stress of the upcoming oral presentations and exams coming our way very quickly. We basically have one or two each week (plus, our normal classes) until the holidays which is not fun.

Since it’s the second half of term and we have/are finishing some of our classes, we are already doing the exams so that we can move on. I’m trying to stay on top of my anxiety regarding that as it’s usually when things start to get ugly. I had little meltdown on Tuesday night when I realized how tired mentally and physically I was after a week “off” and 7 more to go.

I knew it would only get worse if I didn’t try to calm myself and rationalize so that what I did. I basically laid on the couch, put some calming music on and just tried to order my mind. And it worked, I think. Suffering from anxiety I need to keep my mindset in check, and I think working out is a huge help in relieving stress as well. I’ve basically done a calendar of all the classes I have until the end of the term + the exams + oral presentations/report so that I can have an idea of when’s what and get organized.

3Because of how busy life is right now, I have to admit that blogging is quite the struggle. First of all, I don’t have time to read blogposts on Bloglovin which is very annoying. What I’ve started to do a couple weeks ago is that I created a “to read” Word document and I copy-paste every post that I want to read. Then, when I get the time, I read a whole bunch of them and like (if it’s not done) and comment. It’s also made my down time very inspirational and relaxing at the same time so I (try) to keep doing that.

When it comes to my own blog, I try to take photos in bulk and basically write the post whenever I have time. Which means that right now it’s 9p.m. on Thursday night and this post is coming up tomorrow. It’s definitely stressful as I usually like to have a week’s worth of posts ready to go but it’s been pretty much impossible lately, so I try to not put to much pressure on myself. As much as this blog is important to me, it shouldn’t bring me more stress that life and College are giving me.

On a more positive note, my boyfriend got his internship in the city where we are currently living so this means we’ll (fingers crossed I get mine here to) be staying here until at least July/August. I am so happy about this. We have been moving pretty much every 6-9 months for the past few years and I really wanted to finally settle down a bit. Plus, I really like this city. It’s the first time that I feel so at ease somewhere and really enjoy being here, I’m so happy to know that we have at least 8-9 months here.


And you, what has been going on lately in your life? Is it cold where you live by the way? Because it’s been freezing here lately, keeping it mind it was 20-25°C like 3 weeks ago, it’s now 5°C and the shock is real.

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  1. Always Cleia says:

    I’m sorry to hear life has been so stressful for you lately. Don’t worry too much about your blog, it will be here for you when you have the time. I also love having all my posts prewritten for a week or two ahead of time, but life happens. Blogging isn’t my full time job so I try not to let it become a source of stress for me! It looks beautiful where you are in your photos!
    It’s so cold here, I was just in south america for two weeks and it was about 15-20 degrees when I left, when I got home it was minus 15!

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