Kiko Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners

April 30, 2017

2 Kiko Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners

Hello gorgeous people!

Today I wanted to talk about the Kiko Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners. I have been trying them out for a few weeks, playing around with how to use it and can now give you a full review.



The Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners are pencil eyeliners with a little sponge on the other end to smudge out the liner. The pencils are super pigmented and really creamy. The consistency is said to be waterproof and to last up to 10 hours. I can confirm that you can cry buckets and buckets and the liner will still be there, it’s quite incredible. You can smudge the liner out to get a more natural look or if you want the look to be less “perfect” which I love and do most of the time but the sponge doesn’t pick up too much product so you still get a great color.


About the colors… As I have green eyes and these are my favorite colors to wear on my lids, I picked up 03 Pearly Bronze and 05 Metallic Violet. To be honest, they are perfect. They are both really intense and look so pretty on the eyes.
6 Kiko Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners



Top to bottom :

05 Metallic  Violet 1 swipe

03 Pearly Bronze 1 swipe

05 Metallic Violet 1 swipe smudged

03 Pearly Bronze 1 swipe smudged





7 Kiko Intense Color Long Lasting Eyeliners

Longevity-wise, as I said it is waterproof so it really lasts for a long time and though it can fade a tiny bit (really tiny bit), your eye look still looks bomb at the end of the day.

They were 5,50 euros each and totally worth it. It’s quite a bargain for such good color payoff, longevity and pigmentation. I am really happy with them and am considering buying more for the summer!

What do you guys think of Kiko products? Have you tried products from them? Which one is your favorite?


Hope you enjoyed!

xx Gaby

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