Jewelry pieces I am obsessed with

March 13, 2019

For me, jewelry is a big part of completing a look. Choosing the right style of accessory can change the style of an entire outfit or add this touch of something. Put on a white tee, a nice pair of jeans and just add a nice pair of earrings to complete the look or change it up completely. I always feel more put together when I’m wearing rings on, I love how playful the designs can be.

I used to be obsessed with accessories and would wear earrings everyday, play with necklaces and love a good bracelet. Now, I’ve felt stuck in a routine of wearing the necklace my boyfriend got me 8 years ago, the two same rings and that’s it. No earrings have touched my ears in months and I don’t wear bracelets anymore.

But it feels quite sad when there is a whole world of gorgeous accessories out there. Don’t get me wrong, my love for accessories have not died, but other things I’ve taken their place at the forefront of my heart.

As incredible brands have come caught my attention lately, I’ve found myself researching beautiful pieces that I’ve been adding to my to-buy list (you can find my fashion to buy list here) and dying to get. They were nothing I had seen before and I just fell in love. If you fancy a little round-up of the ones that have made it there, keep on scrolling!

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”necklaces” size=”large” title=”Necklaces “]


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”ring-sets” size=”large” title=”Ring sets”]

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”rings” size=”large” title=”Unique rings”]


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”simple-earrings” size=”large” title=”Simple design earrings”]

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”earrings” size=”large” title=”Unique design earrings”]


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”bracelet” size=”large” title=”Bracelets”]


What’s your brand to shop at for jewelry? 

2 responses to “Jewelry pieces I am obsessed with”

  1. These are all super cute pieces! I am obsessed with dainty jewelry

    Candice xx

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