It’s all about feeling beautiful

January 30, 2019

3-2I was having a conversation with a colleague recently about beauty. I think it all started talking about how orange Trump looks or something. You know how it gets, you talk about a topic and it evolves into a discussion about something somewhat linked but totally different.

I told her that no matter how beautiful someone might be, if I get to know the person and they are ugly inside, I’ll stop seeing them as beautiful.

Because for me, being pretty comes from the inside out. I’ve already talked about this in a post last year, and it’s still true for me. You need to be a good person to be beautiful in my eyes.

But I wanted to talk about a different aspect to beauty – feeling beautiful.

It’s not easy now, is it? To feel beautiful we often need someone to say that to us to feel it. How many times have I met people who were all over themselves because people constantly called them pretty. Well, again, they weren’t always the best people and it ended up tainting their beauty.

But something that always make people look better is confidence. Someone who’s confident radiates beauty. A different kind, precious.

It’s not about what size you wear, how tall you are, how perfectly your makeup is applied or how well you are dressed.

It’s how you treat people. How respectful your are. How polite you are in any circumstance.

It’s this amazing feeling you get at the end of a good gym session where you’ve given it 100%. Where you feel proud of how hard you’ve worked, how far you’ve come. I feel so strong and powerful at the end of a workout. Because I know I’ve given it everything and I’m working towards my goal.

Feeling beautiful is how you feel when you feel confident in what you wear, how you’ve done your hair or makeup, but not for everyone to see – but for you. For you own good, to spend time taking care of yourself. To have spent time on yourself, for yourself.

It’s about how well you take care of yourself. How much time you set aside to do things just for you, because you can.

How you talk to yourself influences how beautiful you feel. I try not to concentrate on all the things I’d like to change about myself, whether it’s physical or mental. By trying to emphasize what is good about myself, I reduce the flaws to just that – flaws. Not something that affects my beauty (again, inside beauty and outside beauty). Yes, I don’t have a thigh gap, but I do always say hello and smile to the cleaning ladies. Yes, I wish my stomach was flatter, but I am working hard at the gym to get healthier. Of course, I wish I didn’t have cellulite but hey, I smile a lot so butt dimples are cute too, aren’t they?

It’s about shifting how you look at things, to focus on the bright side, on what’s good about you.

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