How to Utilize Comparison for Growth

November 4, 2019

Comparison. The devil who steals our joy in the form of making us feel less than. The one who takes away our unique value in order to give it to the one we are comparing ourselves with.

With social media, comparison is everywhere and includes everything. We compare our body, life, personality, what we have, our relationships, successes. It’s always mentioned as something negative, that we have to be aware of and steer clear from. I’m very much guilty of always comparing myself with everyone, not just online people. “I wish I were more like her…“, “I wish my body was more/less…“, “If only I was …“. It’s something I’m very much aware that I do, but I find it a bit difficult to just be me. Just be okay with who I am, accept it and move forward. It’s something I’ve been working on for a couple years and that forever is on my new year’s resolution, because it takes time and effort and work to get there.

So why this title then if I compare myself all the time?

Because even though I still have a way to go regarding who I am as a person, I’ve found that comparison in terms of work and career has had a positive impact on my life. let me explain…

First of all, let’s decide who we compare ourselves with and who we shouldn’t

Ha, the forever clearout of our social media and people in our lives who make us feel like shit. It doesn’t have to be voluntary, often it’s not at all but if they make you feel bad, hit the unfollow button or just the mute button for a while. If they are part of your “normal” life, take your distances. It doesn’t have to be done in a rude way.

Now, list the people who inspire you. The ones you always call, hit “like”, save their content, watch when you need a pick me up or when you know it’ll make you feel great. They are the people you need to compare yourself with because it will from a place of positivity. It’s like your closest friends, let’s say you have one friend who always see the positive in every situation, it will inspire you to do the same and it’s a positive comparison, because she’s your friend, so you won’t feel bad that you are not the same. Instead, you’ll feel motivated to work on being more positive in hard situations.

I’ll take person examples: I am inspired by theAnnaEdit, Allana Davison and Tar Mar. I love how organized and positive Anna is. Allana and Tara are always themselves and very honest people. And all three have succeeded in creating a business thanks to their hard work, creativity and honesty in who they are.

So that’s the only comparison I’ll allow myself. A comparison that will spark growth, motivation and a feeling that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough and never lose sight of my goal – nor of who I am.

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