How to practice self-care at home

January 2, 2019

The new year calls for a lot of new resolutions and one of mine was to take more care of my mindset.

For me, taking care of my mind involves being mindful of certain things. Each week, I’ll be talking about a special area of your life and talk about how to apply self-care to it. It sounds a bit “too much”, but honestly it’s just actions and behaviors to be mindful of in different situations that can affect you.

Taking care of myself has been the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in the last year. So many things that were wrong in my life were due to me not taking enough care of myself. I was letting people pretend to be friends to only take what they wanted from me. Overdrive could have been my middle name. Trying to do everything ended up with me doing nothing well. I just wasn’t taking enough care of myself.

And something that helped me a lot was to practice more self-care at home.

I’m a total homebody. To feel okay, I need to be in my own space more than to be out and about.. There are a lot of things that help my mind to calm down.



I’m a total bookworm. I read every night before going to bed for at least 30min. Above all, it’s a way for me to let the storyline fill my mind so that I think of nothing else. I tend to overthink everything and reading is an activity where I’m only focusing on someone else’s thoughts. And boy that feels good.

I have my faves. A nice fiction novel at night, a more educational book at the weekend and a good thriller during the summer holidays.

Reading is this special moment for me, I put down my phone, get under a soft blanket and enjoy the creative mind of a writer. It’s my way to take care of my mental health by taking the focus off my problems and on something creative.

4A good bath

I don’t take baths often enough – I try to be eco-friendly – but I absolutely love them.

The hot water helps my body to relax like nothing else. My favorite thing is a hot tube. My boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a spa weekend at the end of summer and it was the best thing ever. We did a little spa treatment for his birthday and again, best thing ever.

It has even become somewhat of a tradition for my mom to treat her, my sister and I to a spa hour for Christmas and my birthday. We get an hour to chill in the hot tub and sweat in the sauna and/or hammam. They even set up Vanilla tea and little chocolate cake squares!

As a result to the warm water and the steam, my muscles untighten and I can breathe more calmly.


Ahhh yoga. It has become one of my go-to self-care moments. I love turning on a video of Yoga with Adrienne and enjoying her calm voice and following her directions. Practicing yoga has helped me in many ways. For example it has helped to focus on my breathing and posture so that I feel calmer and more focused . A little yoga session in the morning or night is something special that I often look forward to. A few of my favorite videos (I have a dedicated playlist for her videos) are the Yoga for Neck and Shoulder relief, Power Yoga Break and Meditation for Anxiety.

5Skincare, anyone?

For self-care to work, it has to be a daily thing. Doing my skincare every morning and night are something I look forward to everyday day. It’s a time for me to take care of my skin and therefore of myself.

I love taking my time with it. I’ve started to really look for quality products that do the job but won’t have my banker call me and they make me so happy (you can read about the most recent ones here).

A Sunday ritual self-care moment for me is to start by taking a good shower, exfoliate my skin, shave, wash my hair, style it and do a good face mask. I like the Garnier ones as they do the job and don’t cost an arm.

6Switch off

And by that I mean switch off the wifi on my phone. Indeed, turning off the wifi helps me to be totally 100% focused on what I’m doing. Especially on Sundays, I try to be as little on my phone as possible. The online world is amazing but it’s important to be off, you know for sanity purpose and all.


What do you do to take of yourself at home?

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