Motivation tips for Bad days

September 14, 2018

Today is one of those days. One of those days where I haven’t slept enough, my anxiety is a bit too high for my liking and I just wish everyone could leave me alone. I kind of remind me of Grumpy in Snow White. You know how they say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, somedays you’ve just lost the recipe. And when that happens, I kind of lose all hope of ever achieving my dreams and end up wanting to do nothing and despair.

The thing is, it doesn’t do anything to better your mood/day/motivation, does it?

Over the past few months, I’ve tried turn these days around to at least be a bit more bearable, but mostly also not to lose motivation on the long term.

How to stay motivated on a bad day

Don’t. Go. Online

Well, I have kind of broken this rule by writing this blogpost, haven’t I?

If you don’t have a banging group of best friends online who will make you feel like a million dollars, then I advise you not to go on social media. No matter how much I like my online platforms, they are a source of stress in my community by showing me people’s way better engagement, likes and number of subscribers, but for any other human beings it’s also a place of comparison. And when you are having a bad day, seeing other people having so much fuuun, travelling or just succeeding in life, all it’ll ever do is make you feel even worse about your life. So, let’s just either turn off your notifications, or just delete these apps, shall we?

But if you do…

Look at puppies. Cats. Any type of cute animal accounts will do I assure you. These little bundle of fluff are just so pure of heart and damn cute that they will make you feel at least 20% better. I follow a few puppies account on Instagram like pet.awesome, dailyglobalpets and rollyteacuppuppies and overtime of their posts make me want to go rescue a puppy asap because otherwise I will die, I add it to my “pets” folder in “collections”. Otherwise, Youtube is the place to go to for cute and funny pet videos.

How to stay motivated on a bad day 2

Have a chat with yourself

And by that I don’t mean a full on conversation out loud – that could be creepy if you are surrounded by people – but a more “where I am at right now”. First of all, think about why something has been upsetting you and try to understand why does it upset you? Let me illustrate this:

“I am annoyed because my boss has been on my back for the past few days” –> could it be because you feel like they don’t trust you? they don’t value your work?

” I keep losing Instagram followers” –>maybe it makes you feel played, like people are using your account as a tissue, or it makes you feel less good because then you think that your account is not good enough for people to/to stay subscribe (er, er… me this morning)

” I feel alone and like I’m not going anywhere” –> maybe it’s because you have been working a lot and not making enough time for friends and family, and that maybe you know that on the long run you may been to change jobs because this one doesn’t fulfill you?

I feel like once you’ve understood the whys of you being down, you are more able to work on what to do to make you feel better. For example today, I decide to put Instagram on the side for today but instead to work on improving my blog and understanding my audience better. It’s one step in the right direction to get better.

How to stay motivated on a bad day 3

Make a List

I love a good list. I’m a list maker, I have 17 lists currently on my phone and 4 of them that I use daily. Lists help me to order my thoughts and the next steps to do. So once you’ve identified what’s wrong, work out what you can actually do to feel better. Ex: take a day off/ make plans to go have a coffee/drinks with friends/ do research on new jobs ; talk to your boss, by a book/watch a tutorial/do a training on one aspect of your job you feel like you could do better at or that you’ve talked about with your boss, read a motivational book…; set up a “photoshoot” session with someone you trust, think about what you like to put out there (beauty, lifestyle, travel, plants, motivation…), …

A good list can help you feel calmer and to see everything that you can do to improve your mood/situation will help you to “get over it” by seeing that not everything is lost and you can actually take action in this.


Talking is one hell of a therapy. Whether it’s with a specialist or a family member or a friend, talking about what makes you feel bad will first help you to understand better the root of it all (same as the deep thinking less) but having someone to see it from an outsider point of you will help you see things more clearly and to see what the next steps are. It’s always good to talk it out because once it’s out, you have more ways of understanding the issue and tackling it because you see it from different angles and points of view.


Don’t forget that it won’t last. Tomorrow is another day so get an early night if you need it, take a bath because baths can do no wrong and watch something on Netlix because a good comedy can do miracles on someone’s mood.

You can do it babe.

4 responses to “Motivation tips for Bad days”

  1. We all have bad days. That is natural. We just have to hold on to the belief that tomorrow is another day, and will be the one where everything begins to come together.

  2. lovely post, gabrielle! i’ve been having quite a bad week, and this is just what i need! xx

  3. Helpful post ✌
    Have a great day ahead ❤

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