How to keep a healthy mind at work

January 9, 2019

Some say we are different when we are at work. I kind of agree. It’s the same version of us, but adapted to this environment of productivity and workplace.

No matter if we love our job or wish we could do something else, taking care of ourselves at work is essential. So here’s to my second post of my self-care January series (here is my first post if you would like to give it a read).


Learning to say no

*major sigh*. One of my biggest issues. I’m a people pleaser and that might sound not so bad, but it’s actually really hard. Wanting to make people happy all the time can often mean putting their needs before mind. And that’s not healthy. I’ve had to learn to say no.

Learning to say no doesn’t mean I refuse everything. It means that when I know that my workload is going to be hectic or that mentally I’m not feeling good enough to take on this task I either postpone it to a later day, or tell the person I won’t be able to do it.

This comes hand in hand with…

Speak for mind

Another struggle for me but oh so beneficial for the mental health.

No matter how great the atmosphere is at work, some things can eat you up. A project falling though because everybody thinks t’s great but nobody wants to take it on. Meetings after meeting, nothing is set into motion. How long the process of setting a project up can be. Meetings that go on and on without any action being taken. An unfair workload. Basically anything that could make you feel bad at work or challenge your positivity: say something.

Not speaking your mind and not saying no combined could end up in you having a burnout. We don’t want that. So say it, email it, discuss it.

Taking time off when you need it

Something that is important and sometimes put to the side is to take time off when you need to. Being in a different environment during the work day can make a big difference. That’s why when I can, and some of my colleagues do that whenever the sun’s out, is eating outside. Whether it’s on a bench, in the parc, at a restaurant, eating at someone’s home being in a different place can be healthy for the mind.


Prioritizing to-do lists

If you’ve read my post on how to work smarter to be more productive, you’ll know I love lists. Lists of a good way to keep a clear mind whilst still knowing what needs to be done.

I stay organized by having different lists for different matters. I have a list for information that won’t change like procedures, one of tasks within procedures and one of random tasks to do. Not to repeat myself but if for your daily must-do list, I’d advise you not to exceed 5 small tasks or 3 bigger tasks. The goal is to be objective and do-able. A too long to-do list will end up stressing you out and we don’t want that.

If you don’t love what you do…

That’s a hard one. I know that my current job doesn’t totally fulfill me which is why I have this little blog on the side (which could easily be a full-time job…).

For people who are in the same situation, I would either advise you to look for another job or to find something else on the side. Doing something that you love during the week can make a big different in your mindset at work. If you are stuck every weekday from 9-5 doing a “job that pays the rent” (hello the Devil Wears Prada), you can quickly lose your motivation in life. Writing a book, doing some DIY at the weekend, painting… can help you to feel more fulfilled.

How do you stay healthy at work?

4 responses to “How to keep a healthy mind at work”

  1. Same here – I’m a people pleaser too! And, I do love to do lists – helps declutter the mind, as well as ticking off each task feels like an accomplishment.
    Great post!


    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      It can be so difficult being a people pleasE… and I totally agree about lists helping to declutter the mind
      Thank you lovely! xx

  2. I wish that I had learnt to say no more, but im a people pleaser and I don’t want to feel like I would upset anyone.
    Love the blog x

    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      I feel the exact same. But sometimes it’s better for everyone to say no actually. But it definitely takes some practice…
      Thank you so much! xx

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