How to improve your blogging and survive in the blogosphere

December 14, 2018

Blogger. Writer’s block. Success. Content. Engagement. Likes. Subscribers.  Photography. Topic.

These are the words that a blogger will know all too well. They can either make your hair stand or your heart race from energy. I usually alternate feeling super excited about blogging and stressing over writer’s block, engagement and followers. Over time, I’ve gotten used to it. Working on a platform where you handle everything start to finish and use so much creativity can be draining sometimes and we all need to take a step back sometimes and realize what’s going on.

Recently, I’ve found that my problem has been about growth. I want to increase my numbers and my engagement so much that I’ve forgotten about everything else that matters. My blog is my comfort, my little place of happiness and where I can talk about anything I want to without needing approval from anyone.

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Stay true to yourself

In other words, don’t just do what everybody else is doing. In the blogosphere, there are so many bloggers that it can be hard not to want to do what successful bloggers do. I struggle with that myself but in the end what matters is you as a content creator, how you approach things, what matters to you and what you are passionate about. It’s easy to tell when a creator is  passionate and loves what he is creating and it makes all the difference!

For example, if someone is seeing the same type of post from 5 different bloggers he is subscribed to, they will most likely read the one from the creator who they think is more passionate on the subject and will have a different approach and point of view.


Create the content you’d like to read

When I think about what I want to write about, I make sure it’s a post I would immediately click on “read”. Sometimes I’ll have an idea and I’ll think “yes but would I read this from someone else?” if not, maybe it’s worth waiting a little bit to have more things to say about it or to see if it’s really something I’m interested in. When I get an idea, I like to write it somewhere – I have a special not for “blogpost ideas” in my iCloud account that I come back to when I think about what I’d like to write and if several times I don’t feel like writing about it because I wouldn’t want to read something about that topic, or even if I don’t feel like writing about it, I just won’t and will delete the draft. It’s no use writing something that I myself wouldn’t even read.

Be consistent

I mean mostly in terms of posting. I’m saying that even though I’ve been struggling to post on a regular schedule recently but hey, do as I say and not as I always do right?

It’s nice for your audience to know when to expect a post from you, whether it’s a specific type of post (monday: beauty, wednesday: lifestyle, friday: fashion, for example), or just the day(s) of the week they know they’ll read from you. I personally aim to post three times a week on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday rhythm but you know life happens and I work full time, but to post consistently is key to get an audience. If they see you’ve posted several times a week, they will be more likely to remember you for later searches rather than only reading the content from their “trusted” creators whom they always see on their feed.

Don’t hesitate to diversify your content

If you’ve outgrown a category of writing, don’t force yourself to continue, we all evolve and that’s okay! As I’ve said earlier, write on what you are passionate about, you’ll always find someone who’s interested.

When it comes from the heart and a place of passion, blogging about it always is a good idea.

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  1. Abbie Chic says:

    Fab post. I have struggled with consistency of recent months. I hope that to change for 2019. Good luck for 2019 and I hope you get the growth you deserve xx

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