How to Get Ready for the New Season – Autumn

September 26, 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s officially Fall/Autumn! I really like the change of season, I think it makes you appreciate more time passing and the change in nature. But to be honest, this summer felt like it lasted 6 months and I am truly ready for a colder weather, teas, blankets and cosy sweaters!

With the change of season comes a different more adapted routine to make the most of this new few months so I’ve started changing my different routines.

Skincare –

Summer calls for a skincare routine based on cooling, light products to brighten the skin and make it look more fresh. With Autumn, it’s time for us to get more moisture into our skin to make sure its ready with colder weather and possibly wind.

I have normal to oily skin but I have discovered years ago that if an oily skin lacks moisture, it will produce even more moisture so I make sure to hydrate it well and I’ve seen a big difference. I have been using coconut oil as a moisturizer for almost a year now and I don’t see myself going back to a normal moisturizer. It hydrates my skin thoroughly and gives it a gorgeous glow. Using a hydrating mask is also crucial in the colder months, I particularly like the Sephora sheet masks as they are cheap, easy to use and definitely do the job. They have different types for different purposes and work wonders.

Lifestyle –

As it is less hot, I like to start working out outside. I know that for some people, they like working out outside in spring and summer but here where I live in France, it gets really hot and I hate feeling like I am about to pass out while exercising. I have started running again (still very early stages though) as our apartment is too small for my usual inside workouts and I think it will definitely help with my anxiety.

Eating Habits –

New school year, new healthy resolutions. Summer makes it easier to eat healthy, we eat lots of salads and fresh produce but when the start of the school year/work starts again, I find it difficult to eat well because I don’t have a routine yet. On top of that, it’s important to eat better when it gets colder again to make sure not to get sick!

We’ve been back to the apartment for two weeks now (I haven’t started classes yet) and I’ve been for sure not eating too many carbs and not enough veggies so of course I don’t feel body confident or energetic. Therefore, it’s time to catch again the healthy wagon and I’ve been writing down easy quick healthy recipes from my fave bloggers and Youtubers to get ideas and get excited for eating healthy!

Makeup! –

Here comes the warmer tones and matter makeup looks! I love the berry tones and bronze-y looks so I am definitely preparing for that. Even though these colors won’t be the trend this year, I will for sure still use them. Out are the Kiko berry eye shadows and NYX lip creams, deeper nail polishes and hand cream!

And you, how do you prepare for Autumn?


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5 responses to “How to Get Ready for the New Season – Autumn”

  1. Always Cleia says:

    That’s so true about it being harder to eat healthy in the Fall and Winter. I was cooking new recipes pretty much every few days in the summer and these past few weeks I’ve had Kraft Dinner like.. twice a week, it’s so bad!

    I’ve started adjusting my skincare and routines as well with more hydrating moisturizers and darker lip colours! xx

  2. Ellie Jones says:

    Oh Gabrielle, you are so lucky living in France! I visit now and again in the summers and omg I could not imagine working out doors there in that heat! Walking in your summer heat is enough to make you faint! Literally. One year I got heat exhaustion from walking around the village shopping :’) . I totally get you on the difficulties of healthy eating in the colder months! I used to find it so hard because I feel the cold like I’m a sheet of paper and that gives me an addiction for all the warm carbs on the planet, haha 🙂 . I’ve gone vegan in this past year and although I still crave hot food in the cold seasons it’s been soooo much easier to stay healthy! As you said you do, I also could not doing it without the fab recipes from some of the amazing vegan food bloggers and YouTubers too! I also loveddd your tips on skin hydration! I had known that for a while now, that the less moisture you put into your skin the more oily it gets so I have also tried to up my mosturisation game. However it doesn’t sound nearly as intense as your routine so I definitely think I need to up my moisturisation game! I used to use coconut oil as a nighttime skin treatment and stopped out of fear it was only exacerbating my acne but now I have found out the major cause of my acne (dairy) you have definitely inspired my to get back on the coconut oil bandwagon! (Literally having visions of myself riding a wagon with coconut wheels now, haha :’D )

    Ellie Xx

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