How to get organized to be more productive

January 7, 2019

I feel like this post is absolutely perfect for this time of year. The New Year is for most of us a time of reflect on the last year and to get all of our inspired juices going to be productive.

Whether it’s for your side kick, full-time job, studying or if you work for yourself, being productive is key. There is nothing more annoying that having a long to-do list and just feeling like eating a pack of crisps whilst watching animal vines.

BUT, there are way to kick procrastination and slumps in the butt and get organized to be more productive.

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Plan ahead

I’m a planner. For sure, if you’ve read my budget planning post you’ll know I like to plan and anticipate. For me, planning is making sure I am respecting my deadlines and organizing myself well enough to do the best job I can.

Creating a reverse planning is key to be ready for any task or projects. Take out your calendars whether they are paper or online calendars and write down every deadline. When I have a view of the long-term tasks I’ll have to do, it’s easier for me to get organized.

Daily tasks

Creating a routine of daily tasks that need to get done definitely has made my job easier. I know that when I get into the office first think I do is go through my emails and our shared emails. I read them and tag who will be more suited to answer which one and what we need to discuss as a team. Having a routine helps to make sure that mandatory tasks are done and not to be thought about again. Make sure it’s realistic though, no one wants to finish their work with another 15 points to check…

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Make lists

I’m a list maker. I have notebooks full of lists and three different ones at work: one with lists of information, one of a list of notes from meetings and another one of the most important list: my to-do lists.

Same goes with my blog. I have a special page in my Notes documents on my Macbook listing all the tasks I do to get done soon. I’ve even synchronized all my lists to have them on my laptop and on my phone to get the latest versions updated.  I have one on my phone with my grocery shopping list and different others (blogpost ideas, movies to watch…)

I love them. They make me feel confident that I won’t forget to do something major. I recommend doing a 3-5 points list of things that must be done each day and then have a few extra points that it would be nice to get done but are not mandatory or urgent. One important thing is to make sure these lists are do-able.

Take time off

It’s so important to take some time off. If you feel tired or struggle to focus, you may need to take more breaks. Taking a break outside, chatting with colleagues at the coffee machine or do a little yoga or meditation session can do to your productivity levels. I’m actually not one to take breaks at work. But oh boy sometimes it’s so necessary. It makes getting back to work easier because I have a clearer mind and can focus more easily.

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It used to happen to me so many times. I would get a headache, feel tired or have time focusing only to realize I haven’t drunk enough. Now, I always start each day with a cup of tea for breakfast. I get to work and make another green tea at around 9:30 a.m..  And then throughout the day, I keep a 500ml bottle of water full on my desk that I need to have drunk before leaving at 5p.m. (especially if I’m going to the gym that day).

Do what you always procrastinate on first

Who hasn’t procrastinated by thinking “I’ll just do that later when I’ll feel more like it” to end up never doing it because, huh, who actually changes their mind about a boring/annoying/stressful task?

Now, I try as much as possible to do what I moan about doing first. Once it’s done, it’s done!

What are your tips to be more productive?

4 responses to “How to get organized to be more productive”

  1. priya says:

    Honestly used to think lists were a huge waste of time – until I started making lists for everything!! Honestly, idk where I’d be without the multiple lists I need to keep my doing going haha x

  2. Lotte Jean says:

    This is some great advice!

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