How to Fight the Winter Blues

janvier 10, 2020

Here it is guys, the time after Christmas and the New year, when all the endorphins of spending days not knowing what day it is, staying horizontal and showing food into our mouth constantly, is over. Welcome, winter blues! I know that for some people, this week has been the first of maybe many to come, spent wishing time away for beautiful spring to arrive. But fear not my friends, I’m coming armed with tips on how to fight the winter blues/start of the year blues so of us may experience. It’s okay, it’ll be fine. I got your back. Here are 6 tips to fight the winter blues:

Little goals

It’s all about the little goals. Whether it’s a weekend away, a day-trip, catching up with friends over dinner, having something to look forward to always helps. It doesn’t have to be a big trip around the world, we are all broke from buying Christmas presents, let’s be honest. But just having nice little outings or moments we are looking forward to helps stay positive and move forward. So go see Little Women, make those plans with your pals and go on a adventure for the day!

Spend time outside as much as possible when it’s sunny

Winter is often the time where we lack vitamin D greatly. I know that my mood very much depends on the weather more often that not. It’s annoying, but that’s how it is. So when the sun makes an appearance, I make sure to pop outside, even if it’s just reading my book on the balcony, have a little walk or just walk home instead of taking the bus. I know it may not be sunny often where you live, but if you can see between the clouds, put your coat on and get out the door! You’ll thank yourself later drinking that delicious hot chocolate to feel your fingers again.

Meditate the gloom away

I know, I know. Everyone and their mother talk about meditation but honestly, it’s worth the hype guys. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean getting into a transe and feeling like you’re levitating. It’s about taking time for yourself, sitting tall, lying down or just closing your eyes for a few minutes and think positively. Just acknowledging how you feel, that whatever it is, it’s okay and then think how you can make a positive change. How can you get a more positive outlook, what good thoughts you should think instead, reminding yourself that you can do whatever you want and are strong enough to get through whatever you need to get through. I recommend Yoga with Adriene‘s meditation videos.

How to Fight the Winter Blues

Watch favorite tv shows/movies

Yes it’s time to watch your favorite TV Show for the upteen’s time, binge watch your favorite movies under the coziest blanket you own. If there is one time you need all the good feels, it’s now! Friends, The Office US, Brooklyn 99, You, The Crown, This is Us, Queer Eye, The Good Place (and so many more) are all here to help you if you need recommendations.

See your favorite people

I kind of mentioned it before but honestly meeting up with the people who make you feel your best and with whom you can be totally honest with is the best thing you can do for yourself anytime of the year – but even more during winter. It’s all about letting those bad feelings out, having the best conversations and laughing a bunch. They’ll help you empty all the negativity out and refill it with love.

Get your heart pumping

It’s all about the endorphins. Getting your heart pumping a few times a week can help you fight the winter blues. Getting your body moving does wonders for your mind and I find that it’s a great time for me to meditate in a different way. I’m focused on the present time whilst also able to let those thoughts going, and that mixed with the endorphins, this is a great cocktail my friends.

How to Fight the Winter Blues


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  1. Totally agree with all these points! I’m currently struggling with winter blues and the stress of a new job but meeting with friends and watching my favourite TV shows are a good distraction. x

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