How to easily save money throughout the year

May 20, 2019

Money. Ain’t that a topic that is always on our mind? We need it to buy food, rent an apartment, pay our bills, buy clothes, pay for our transportation, pay for vacations, … it’s everywhere and mandatory. But how to pay all of that is still manage to easily save money throughout the year?

I have always been very mindful of how I manage my money. Even before earning a wage, I would make sure to save and thought very carefully about my next purchases. If you have read my post on how to budget plan to save and spend mindfully, you’ll know that I’m quite the organized gal regarding money. That’s how my Monica side gets out. I advise you to read this post if you are interested in how I compartimentalize my spendings but also treat myself.

Here is how to easily save money throughout the year.

Save money, one coffee at a time

When you see the price of a Starbucks, Costa, Caffé Nero or any coffee chain, just imagine how much it actually costs you weekly to pay for coffee everyday and a few times a week. Make it a special day treat if it’s one of you little pleasures because the point is not to ban it for you life.

If you buy a coffee or tea let’s say three times a week, cut it down to one and that’s £6 saved per week, £24 per month, and then £288 per year.

Eat out less, save up more

Cooking can sound like hiking the Mont Blanc at the end of a week, I get that. Ordering food or eating out can be the easy option, especially when you think about the fact that there will be no cleaning up to do after, bingo. I know that for us, ordering a pizza on a Saturday night is quite the treat. I absolutely love it. But I also am aware of how much it costs. So if eating out or ordering food is something you do many times a week. Try cutting it down, firstly your bank account will thank you, but your body too if it’s mainly unhealthy options. Say you usually buy lunch or order a takeout three times a week.

Let’s say it’s about £13 each time. If you cut it down to only once a week, you’d be saving £26 each week, £104 each month… so £1248 per year. That’s quite a sum, isn’t it?

Shop. But also do save.

Ah the pleasure of buying new clothes, makeup, skincare, shooooes, stationary, bags, … the list is endless. If you read the post I mentioned earlier, you’ll know that I am all for treating yourself. Spending a little on yourself can make you a happier person because you’ll know that your hard work pays off and that’s a nice thing. But I do think that with social media, blogs, constant marketing thrown at us and this big consumerist society we are a part of can sometimes mean that we feel the need, even the urge to buy new things all the time. Sometimes it can be justified spending like getting a new coat because your old one is not warm enough, I mean don’t freeze to death.

But let’s all be careful about unnecessary spendings, alright? Imagine cutting down your bi-weekly £50 spending on new clothes to just once a month, that would mean saving £50 per month, therefore another £600 per year.

“We just want to make the world dance, forget (*not*) about the price tag”

As someone who can become quite anxious if the grocery store is packed, I know that shopping is not always a walk in the park. Actually it can turn into a real elbow struggle to get the zucchini. And when there are people everywhere and if have to fight your way through the aisle, it can be so easy to overlook the prices. But sometimes the difference in price between to similar products can be pretty significant on the receipt.

So if you are able to save even just £5 pounds on your average weekly receipt, that’s still £20 per month that is still £240 at the end of the year.

Other ways to save money


How about you, do you save money during the year, how? Any tips on how to cut out expenses?

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