How to Budget for the Holiday Season

November 11, 2019

Some might say it’s a bit early to discuss the holiday season, but when it comes to budgeting, I say the earliest the better!

December can be a month of spending frenzy what with presents to buy, party outfits to purchase and a ton of food to buy. So in order to make sure that no crazy unplanned spendings have to be made quickly and me ending up crying in despair when I look at my bank account, I start early.

Presents shopping

The earlier, the better. I usually will start buy presents in early November. I don’t actively look for things, but when I’m browsing stores I will get presents if I see something and it makes me think “oh … would love this!”. That way I don’t get stressed when December rolls around because I will have bought a few things already and I will be sure that it’s thought-though presents and not crazy splurges because I haven’t found anything before.

It’s also a great way to spread payments! So honestly, I’d say you can start as early as you want if financially it’s better for you. Go on a summer holiday and see a gorgeous scarf your mom would love? Get it. *No Mom, I didn’t get you a scarf*


Ohhh isn’t that one of the best parts of the holiday season! My family don’t typically plan what we’ll eat for Christmas and New year’s eve too early because then my mom starts hating on the holiday season early and it’s just… not worth it. So we’ll just start discussing what we’d like to eat early December and my dad will tell us if it’s “doable” – I mean, he’ll be the one cooking so… But if your family is up for it, start brainstorming who will bring what so that you divide the spendings.

Party Outfits

My advice for you: shop your wardrobe first. Our society is filled with consumerism triggers and I’m trying to make a conscious effort to get pieces that I know I will wear a lot and keep for a long time. The trick is to get versatile pieces that you can reuse year after year and only get new clothes as an investment or a little treat if you fell in love with it.

Except maybe a couple times, I’ve never shopped a specific outfit especially for the holiday season. Maybe a skirt or a shirt but I’m not one to splurge on something I’ll wear only a handful of time – if that – throughout the year. I’m sure you have a gorgeous dress or a pant suit trousers that would look banging and won’t mean buying something new. Of course, you can get a new pair of cute healed boots that you can re-wear or a nice top but honestly – shopping your own wardrobe first for the base of your outfit will save you a ton of money.

What you can also do is shop your friends’ wardrobe…! Have a cute little get together with a few friends and see what you can all borrow from each other, that way it feels a bit more special as it’s not your clothes, but, you won’t have to buy anything new.

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