How Social Media, Blogging and Youtube Can Be Good For You

November 29, 2017


It is common sense that the internet, social media, blogging, Youtube and other online platforms have changed us.

We no longer communicate the same way, our knowledge is broader and border-less, we get information way more quickly, we get to know people from all over the world, know about the world more, get instant answers to questions, and so much more.

But the change has come with negative aspects as well. Comparison, fakeness, fake news, filters (literally as well), easy access to very sad news, easy judgement, lies, negative comments,

I’d be lying if I said that social media, blogging and Youtube haven’t affected me in the past and even still sometimes. As they developed during my teens, I have seen the before and after and definitely know that it has.

I know that when I go on social media, I have to be careful of my mindset. I can so easily start to compare myself to the amazing people and bodies seen on Instagram, think that my life is not good enough, that I haven’t achieved anything, that I don’t have the right personality But I know, sometimes, I just shouldn’t go on them and just stay offline for a while when I’m feeling mentally weak or vulnerable.


However, I have to say that since I’ve made a right ol’ clear-out and unsubscribed from people who (mostly unintentionally) were making me feel bad about myself, I have been able to see a lot more positive aspects.

Whether it’s social media, blogging or Youtube, they enable you to discover and follow people who are just like you, who think like you and have the same interests. It’s so nice to go on Twitter and read that someone is also having a bad day, having the same negative thoughts or just realize that you are not alone, whatever you are going through. They can also challenge you through their writing, photography or talks to seek for what you want, to do everything you can to get it.

Especially for creative people, these platforms let you be as creative as you can even if you are shy. You can create cute headers, do amazing video montages, take incredible photographs, write incredible stories And allow people from all over the world to enjoy them. I love being moved by a photo, a YT video, an amazing blogpost and feel all fuzzy and inspired, it often makes my day and changes my mindset.

It’s now easier to create friendships with people from all over the world and connect with them differently. I’ve heard so many incredible stories of friendships created through blogging or YouTube of people who, otherwise, would have never met.

Platforms and especially Twitter I would say enable us to exchange about different matters like the elections and the importance to vote, voicing out anger and important issues, how amazing the cast of Stranger things is, the GBBO, Love Island, Trump’s latest blunter, links for donations, motivational talks, etc

Personally, social media, blogging and Youtube have enabled me to feel less alone,  more inspired and get a better idea of who I am and what I want to do with my life. Because of many exams and reports, I haven’t been able to go on these platforms a lot and I sometimes feel that I miss them. I miss reading tweets, looking at gorgeous pictures, reading my favorite bloggers’ post, watching videos on Youtube and long for doing so.

Though I know I have to be careful and need to take a step back sometimes, more often than not, they help me and allow me to become a better person. I know it’s not the same for everybody, but it’s my point of view on the issue. Like everything, they have their good aspects and bad aspects, it’s just important to be aware of the dark side…

What do you love about these platforms?


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  1. beyo11 says:

    Nice one Mz Gabrielle!!

  2. A very good and excellent article. Keep up the good work. I love twitter as it gives us chance to connect with people all around the world.

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