How I Manage Blogging Being A Full-time College Student

November 12, 2017


The start of every school year is always a bit daunting. Getting used to the new environment, new people and getting organized whilst still maintaining a normal life is quite challenging. This year especially with blogging, I really thought that I would struggle. I’ve started posting twice a week when I had finally finished my internship and really wanted to post 3 times a week starting from September. I felt more inspired and confident, the blog was taking up and I was really enjoying the blogging community.

However, I wasn’t sure I would succeed to do so as College takes a lot of time and I still wanted to make the most of this final year, have time with my boyfriend and work on some personal goals. It has taken a few weeks but I seem to have managed a routine for blogging and as I know a lot of fellow bloggers are in College as well, I thought you might like a few tips I’ve learned. I am still not the perfect blogger, but oh well.

Ideas —

One of my issues is that if I am tired, I am not creative nor feel that my ideas are good enough to make it into a post. So when I am rested and feel inspired, I do a big brainstorm and plan ahead for as many weeks as possible. I am usually always 2-4 weeks ahead so that I know what I am going to write about and have time to plan.

Sometimes, some blog ideas come to me at the most random moment (like in the tram or the shower) and then I make sure to write it down on something (notes on my phone,  laptop’s calendar, or directly on WordPress) so that I won’t miss on a good idea. I used to think ‘I’ll remember to write it down later’ but rarely did.

Scheduling —

I mainly use my laptop calendar for that. I have my designated post days – Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 9 a.m. French time and I organize which post will go on which day and week in advance so that I have a good idea of when to write and prepare the photos, tags etc. This is so essential for me to manage my degree’s work and my blog. The calendar allows me to see exactly what the next few weeks look like and to be able to organize my work.

Make sure it’s on your to-do list –

With life and college, I can sometimes forget that I was supposed to take photos, or write a post, schedule tweets or a post that day and then have to rush to do it. So now, I make sure it is on my weekly to-do list.

Every start of the week I plan what I need to do each day, school, life and blogging-wise so I know what my week looks like and know how to organize myself. It has helped me tremendously all throughout my college years to stay organized and up to date.


Photos –

When I know I have a large chunk of ‘free time’ on my calendar every few weeks, I take photos in bulk. I take the list of the upcoming posts I am planning on writing and I get started. I usually do at least 3 posts if I don’t have too much time but sometimes I can go up to 6 if I feel really creative that day.

I then upload them on my laptop and start creating a file for each post. If I have time afterwards I will start sorting them and choosing my favorites and then do the editing right away. If I don’t, I usually do it while listening to music at night or at college when I have a few moments before class.

The Writing Process –

Don’t force it. If you don’t feel like writing and it feels like a chore, it’s not the right time. Either edit photos or take a walk or anything that might make you feel more creative and relaxed. I find that if I force myself to write a post it gets a bit difficult to explain and get my point across, and, it’s no fun.

Blogging should be something you enjoy doing and if you don’t at that moment, it’s totally okay, come back to it later. By planning ahead, I therefore make sure that I can write whenever I’ll feel inspired and not the night before in a rush and exhausted, wishing I were in bed. These days, weirdly enough it’s often after dinner when I start to relax. I don’t usually study at night because then I cannot sleep because I get anxiety and really need the downtime. And often, I do write my blogpost at night, especially the lifestyles one because it feels more like therapy to me, and then I go on to watch Youtube or Netflix, more relaxed.

The promotion –

This is still new to me but I am getting there. Thanks to the amazing blogging community, I have found Buffer, and it has revolutionized my blogging life. Basically it is an app/website that allows you to schedule Tweets and Instagram photos in advance and decide on which day and hour/minute you want them posted. This is such a big help for the promotion of my posts as I barely have time to tweet during the day. I now plan them for a few days and tweet random posts and comment whenever I can.

I hope this has been helpful for some of you who felt a bit overwhelmed,


What do you do to be more organized for your blogging or everyday life?

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