How I got my hair to get less oily

December 19, 2018

I have one question: who actually enjoys washing their hair?

The whole process of washing it, drying it and styling it takes so much time that I always wonder why I don’t have the type of hair that would allow me to wash in once a week. The thing is, I love the feel and look of freshly washed hair. It looks bouncy and shiny and makes me feel wonderful.

But for me, it used to feel like this only on the first day. I had to wash my hair every other day because the next morning, it would already be greasy and flat at the roots. For 23 years – well, minus the glorious kids hair years – I had fresh hair the first day (well, the day after the night I washed it), and greasy roots the next, meaning I was really in need of a wash by nighttime.

How I got my hair to get less oily

When dry shampoo came into my life, it helped me to fake the look of fresher looking hair even though I could feel at the touch it wasn’t, but at least it helped. However, I have very sensitive skin and scalp and often dry shampoos give me little spots on my temples and at the roots of my hair at the front.

I was desperate to find a way to make them feel better so I’ve started doing a few things differently to have fresh hair for longer.

How I got my hair to get less oily 2

Don’t touch it too much

One thing I’m guilty about is touching my hair a lot, especially pushing it behind my ears. Therefore, by the evening of day 1, it would already be a bit greasy above my ears. I’ve started to be more aware of how much I touch my hair to avoid doing it too much.  I’ve noticed a difference now that I’ve lessened how much I touch it.

If you straighten it, don’t do it at the roots

This is key for me. I make sure when I straighten or curl my hair with my straightener not to use it on the first 3-5 cm of my hair (depending on how frizzy it looks) as the roots are my biggest problem area when it comes to oiliness. It makes such a difference for me. Once a hairdresser in training curled my hair all the way from the roots and by the next morning it looked like day 3 hair and I had to wash it again.

How I got my hair to get less oily 3

Dry shampoo to space out the washes

One of the best things to get your hair to get less oily is actually to wash it less. Then the sebum will auto regulate to produce less oil but in the meantime, dry shampoo is a big problem solver. It helped to get your hair to look fresher and absorb a bit of the oil whilst you space out the washes. My favorite affordable go-to is the Batiste Dry shampoo.

Double wash

This has made the biggest difference in the world. I can’t actually believe how big of an impact it has had. Annoyingly, someone had already told me about double washing your hair eight years ago and I stopped doing it after two times because I thought it was a waste of shampoo. Hell no! The first shampoo helps to get rid of the oil but the second shampoo helps to get rid of the oil that often is left when you have oily hair and to also actually do what the type of shampoo is for. I use the Yves Rocher Monoï shampoo because it’s made of 97% natural products and my hair gets really well on with it without making my scalp itchy or peel-y.

How I got my hair to get less oily 4

My hair looks fresh even on the second day and I can go three days and it looks a bit greasy just over the ears and slightly (which is awesome) at the roots. Of course, if I get hot or touch it a lot it gets greasier but overall I am beyond happy and quite relieved that this has worked for me.

What products or routine do you use for you hair?

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  1. This was such a useful post. I have just recently started shampooing my hair twice after hearing so many people say how great it is. Xx

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