How I Fell Back in Love with Instagram

May 6, 2018

Who hasn’t felt on the verge of crying recently when opening the app, seeing a cute photo and when you were about to double tap, the image had disappeared down the vortex of the algorithm, or because you were losing followers like hair or because you would never see recent photos but those that were posted 3 days ago. Yeah, me too.

One of my biggest issue with Instagram professionally speaking is how hard it is for me to grow. I know I don’t post as regularly as I should (some say once a day at specific hours, some say twice a day) and I’m doing more effort to be more consistent with it. But what really annoys me is when I see that 99% of the people who start following me end up unsubscribing the same day or the day after. I’m assuming they do that because they are looking for follow backs to probably just end up unsubscribing later. Anyways, I just don’t get that. I only follow pages that I really enjoy. 

However, getting angry was getting me nowhere and there is no way I can change it all so I just decided to change a few things.

1.       Have a good ol’ clearout.

I’m not the best when it comes to self-esteem so following accounts of people showing off their perfect bodies, perfect outfits, incredible holidays and makeup all the time really started to waver my confidence. I decided only to keep accounts that made me feel good, smile, feel inspired and with Instagrammers behind to whom I felt a connection to, whether it’s because I already follow their blog, they are bloggers or their personality really come across photos. And damn that feels good to look at a feed of carefully selected people.

A few accounts you should follow: mariajblogs, beth sandland, petitellie, bella inizio, fromroses, josie and edie the whippies, la vie de faye, Kellyprincewrites, snowllifestyle, soph.rosie, young cosmopolite, gemma louise, the anna edit, hello October, allanadavison, jodie melissa, millie cotton, sophie miller, natalieleanneyt

2.       Watch Instagram stories

I feel like Instagram stories are kind of mini vlogs, captions of the day that help us connect more with the person running the account. I find it so satisfying to get to know someone through what they do at that moment and I love the imagery of it all.

3.       My feed

I do struggle with my feed a bit. I think I compare myself too much and when I stop being so hard on myself, I realize I should not compare my step 2 with someone else’s step 15. I’m really trying more to concentrate on the photography aspect to it, I like that it’s almost a diary I could look back on. I’m a very visual person so I love when things look nice and sometimes a pretty picture can speak a thousand words.

4.       Numbers are just numbers

Well, this one is a bit hard. I’m a big believer in the fact that when you like something, you just do or say it without expecting anything in return. So I have a hard time understanding someone for subscribing to my page only waiting to see if I’ll follow back and then unsubscribing if I don’t, and often even if I do. I want people to follow me because they really want to, not just because they want something in return. It just ends up with you having issues regarding your engagement, nothing more. I’m trying not to care about my numbers too much though. As long as I like what I put out there, it’s all that matters.

5.       Have fun

That’s my current goal. Stop caring too much and have more fun. Life is too short for caring about superficial things. What matters is being healthy, being happy and having fun in life. Not how many followers one has on social media. Let’s just all be honest, genuine and supportive.

I’m just trying to have more fun with it and to look at the positive side of it, instead of looking at all the negative I could easily point out.  

In the end, social media should not be something else to add to the “worrying” list, it should be positive and creative. 

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  1. I feel like when the algorithm of insta went to shit so many people really disliked it and i was included! I started to feel that if i wasnt getting 200 likes like i usually was then i felt whats the point! But at the end of the day it really isnt about numbers and its about a community of people who support you, im gonna go on a clearout and unfollow some people, refresh my feed and hope to fall back in love with instagram!

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