Highlights of the Month – August

August 30, 2017

Can you guys believe that tomorrow is the last day of August?! I certainly cannot. This month has gone by so quickly and has been quite a full one but here are my 6 Highlights of this month – in chronological order of course :

Seeing E for the first time in a year and a half

Life as a student is crazy. You move to a new city (or many new cities for me) for your studies, go to your classes, study, and basically always have something to do and sometimes weeks, months or years pass on without seeing people close to your heart. So when my friend of 7 and a half years said she has in my hometown for the afternoon at the beginning of this month, I dropped everything and cleared my afternoon of all internship report-related work. We hadn’t seen each other since I spotted her while on a double-deck bus in London and sprinted out of it in April 2016.

We spent the couple hours she had catching up whilst eating cake. She has achieved so much and is a true inspiration, I am so deeply proud of her and love that she has managed to evolve whilst staying the same amazing person she has always been.

Talking about that flipping Internship Report…

I am lists person. When I start getting really organized, especially school-wise or blog-wise, I always make a list, otherwise anxiety kicks in and gone is an inspired Gaby. So when we were told that our internship report’s due date, I started my research and writing early June. I was able to work on it regularly but still had some modifications to make and a few bits to write about. It took me about 1,5 – 2 more weeks to finish it and I was so happy about it. I was finally able to relax and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (well, almost). I still don’t know how I feel about it because I have worked on it for so long but we’ll see.

A Break From Blogging

This wasn’t planned at all. I was so inspired whilst on my internship, buzzing with blogpost ideas and photography inspiration by fellow bloggers. But I realized when I was finally free form the report, that inspiration had left me… I was so tired everyday that I didn’t have the mental strength to find ideas, write, takes photos, and everything else that blogging involves and that takes hours if not days. So I accidentally didn’t post for quite some time. It felt good to be able to just watch Youtube and Netflix and read for hours on end, to be honest and I think I needed the break. But I am back with so many ideas!

I turned 23 ðŸŽ‚

I still think that I am 22. First of all because I am in total denial to the fact that I can no longer sing ’22’ by Taylor Swift and feel like I relate, and also because time flies and I cannot keep up – mind you, I still think we’re in May-June… So when the 16th rolled around and I entered the kitchen with my sister blearing a birthday song, I didn’t know what was happening. It felt so weird like it was on the wrong day. But I still ate cake… and the next day as well.

A holiday in Brighton

In August, we also took a very anticipated trip to Brighton for four days! We had planned this for a few months and were so excited to finally go! I loved every second of this trip and now feel super inspired and refreshed. I have so many posts coming up about this trip, hope you’ll enjoy them!

Getting the keys to our new apartment!

As you are reading this, we are on our way to doing the incoming inventory of fixtures before getting the keys to our new apartment! ðŸŽ‰ It’s already our third apartment – including one abroad – so I feel like we are used to this, but I still feel a bit nervous about it. I always get so much anxiety the first few weeks – if not months… – so I am trying to relax and think positive thoughts, but I am going to do everything I can to start a new anxiety-reduced happy life there. I am also so excited to be living again with my bf as we have been living apart – me back at my parents’ and him in a city two hours away – for now 6 months! As much as I have been enjoying having a double bed to myself and the silence, I am really happy to be living with him again. I will just have to get used to not sleeping on both sides of the bed again… A work in progress.

August has been a quick and full one but I have enjoyed it very much, September will bring many more new things and thankfully, a not so hot weather (it was still 28°C in my room last night at 11p.m.) and Autumn!!!

I hope you have/had a great day,

xxx Gaby

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  1. Estelle says:

    So proud of you too <3

  2. I can’t believe how quickly this month went! Great post x

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