Have I Achieved my 2017 Goals?

December 28, 2017

2017 goalsI like setting myself goals for the long-term, I think that having something to work towards can help you to evolve. That’s why last year, I decided to write my goals and share them with you to make sure I’d stick to them (we all know how easy it is to forget about them…).

My first goal was to work on my happiness. I was feeling so unsatisfied and trapped in my life and wanted a change. I think I’ve achieved this towards the last third of the year. I was finally doing studies that I loved and was filling fulfilled thanks to my blog. I felt more in charge of my life if I could say that.

I also had decided that in 2017, I would stop to feel compelled to be and do what people wanted and instead focused on being me. This has and certainly still can be a challenge but I’ve realized recently that I’ve been doing exactly that. I’ve grown to accept and like who I am. I don’t know if it comes from growing or just evolving but I am so happy about this new step.

Anxiety-wise, it had been my goal for several year in a row to work on it and do my best to keep it under control. I am so glad that it is now pretty much under control, I still have anxiety from time to time in certain situations and have to make sure to stay in touch with my body and do what I know works for me in those moments. But other than that, I have been feeling the best I have in years and work hard to make sure it stays like that.

I also wanted 2017 to be the year I worked hard on my blog and don’t feel compelled to only do posts that people expect. It does take a lot of time and work but I have worked hard all year round for this and am so glad I did. Blogging about whatever I want to write and express myself about is really fulfilling and I feel like I am now true to myself as a blogger. It brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction and will still be working hard on it in 2018.

IMG_9279Study-wise, I had set myself the goal to be even happier about what I do. I have  never totally hated my studies, but as it often is, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. And I am so happy about what I do this year, it feels so good to study entirely in English and with an international perspective.

My health as been a concern of mine for years now. I’ve been suffering from hypothyroidia for now 12 years I believe and now that my body hd to be taken care of as things can go wrong without you knowing. As I am quite small (5’1) and have not the best metabolism so my figure and how I look has always been a concern of mine. But I am sick and tired of complaining about how I look without working on it and have decided last year to make a change.

In February last year I started doing Blogilates workout routines and could feel a change but I realized towards August that it wasn’t enough. I picked up running in September but realized within a month that it wasn’t for me. My knees and ankles didn’t enjoy it and I wasn’t enjoying it. I have now for 2 months been going to a gym and I love it. I have felt and seen such a change in how my body feels and looks and very importantly how feel. I feel now more accepting of my look and more confident.

I am so happy I stuck to my goals and worked hard to achieve them. I feel way happier now and more in touch with who I am. I hope 2018 will be as successful and will make sure I work to make it a great year.


And you, have you achieved your 2017 goals? What achievement are you most proud of? 


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6 responses to “Have I Achieved my 2017 Goals?”

  1. Velvet Blush says:

    Wow you did really well with your goals! I think mines was a mix bag, I am happy with my new job but I guess I wish I stuck to more of a schedule with blogging too x

    Velvet Blush

    • To be honest it’s the first time I stick to them I think haha
      I’m so glad you are enjoying your job! I understand what you mean about a blogging schedule, it’s quite hard to juggle everything xx

  2. selviafei says:

    Great writing, very nice of you to share.. well the achievement I most proud is I think now I am able to control my stress/ anxiety.. well at least I do feel better 😁 hahaha.. have a great year ahead for all of us 👍😉

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