Fresh skincare – a Soy Face Cleanser & sugar advanced therapy review

October 21, 2018

If you’ve read my Beauty Wishlist post, you know that there are a lot of products I want to try out. Being a beauty lover, the makeup and skincare realms are quite large but within the beauty community online, some products become holy grails and are talked about a lot. Having followed a lot of beauty gurus doing partnerships with Fresh beauty, I am drawn to this brand and its founders. I like how selective they are of their products and how passionate they are about skincare.

I’ve been meaning to try their Soy Face cleanser for ever now so when I saw that my local Sephora had a pack of two of their most well-known products, I decided to go for it (also because it was quite cheaper than the full-size version, not going to lie) to finally test them out without breaking the bank.


These are a part of the “Frequent Flier” pack. It contains a 50ml version of the Soy Face cleanser and a sample Sugar Advanced Therapy lip balm for 30€. The cleanser’s size is quite nice actually, it’s not a sad very small version (but cute) of it but a good amount of product is in there (the original is 150ml).

The Soy Face cleanser comes out as a gel but a bit more watery that you rub on your face to work the product into your skin and take off my either a cotton pad or a wet cloth. It’s super gentle on the face, smells like cucumber/soy to me and is really effective in taking off any residue of makeup. I like to use this as a second cleanse after using the Garnier Micellar water and I love it. It doesn’t make my skin feel super tight or dried out afterwards. A little goes a long way too as it mixes with the water and becomes more foamy which is great considering the price.


The Sugar Advanced Therapy lip balm is amazing as well. First of all, the smell… guys, it smells like lemon pie! It’s so amazingly rich on the lips but not thick and lasts a long time without creating this awful line on the inside of the lips (ew) that I hate. It make soy lips feel amazing – and I’m super fussy about lip products – and really does an amazing job. As good of a job as my trusty very loved Homéoplasmine. Yep, I said it…

I’m super pumped out getting this two products and them performing so well. I understand the price point as they are really quality based products and do work very well without irritating the skin. Thumbs all the way up!

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  1. alwayscleia says:

    I love both of those Fresh products. I just wish they were more affordable! Great post x

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