Feeling blue? Here are my 5 “feel better” 2000s movies

June 11, 2017

Hey lovelies,

We all have that day where we feel down, tired or just low. It can be really hard to get out of that funk and to actually be positive and see the good in life. When that happens, if I am at home I try to work out and if it’s at my parents, I usually work (or not) on the elliptical while watching a movie. Best. Thing. Ever. First because you workout without totally realizing it and if you are watching something you really enjoy, it even feels great. I have had quite a challenging few weeks and I’ve found that I always come back to same movies that uplift me and make me feel better. Here they are…

Let’s start with some classics…

MeanGirlsMean Girls

I love that movie, I pretty much know it by heart but it still makes me laugh and feel better. I love the characters and how funny it is and that it has become a reference (think “You go Glen coco”, “on Wednesday we wear pink” and “You can’t sit with us” for example) that has become part of our vocabulary and even ended up on t-shirts! Such a must-watch when feeling low.


Harry_Potter_SagaHarry Potter

Fun fact, I have just finished watching one of the movies again. My boyfriend and I usually do a Harry Potter marathon (but not all in one day, that would be impossible)  once or twice a year and we are currently done with the first three movies. I freaking love Harry Potter, I am a fan of the books as well as they represent my childhood. I love the magic, the storyline… just everything. It enables me to just turn off my brain for a while and make me feel all bubbly and excited (I actually kind of do a little dance and weird face when I hear the music starting, my boyfriend is always like “calm down, it’s going to be okay” and makes fun of me. (I know he does it inside too…)

howtoloseaguyin 10daysHow to Lose a Guy in 10 days

I don’t even know how many times I have watched this movie. I love it so much. It’s hilarious, Kate Hudson is freacking gorgeous, all the actors are so good, the story is so funny, argggh I love it so much! (I watched it two weeks ago). I always feel so much better after watching even a part of it because no I don’t workout for 2 hours straight😂. I love it so much I feel sad when I am done watching it.

Love ActuallyLove actually

… is all around. Who doesn’t adore Love Actually? Like seriously, isn’t that one of the most amazing, makes you wanna love and cherish everyone movie? It’s such a Christmas (but seriously, all year round) classic, the actors are la crème de la crème and the stories are so lovely, it’s filled with love and warmth. They have released a 15 min mini-movie for Red nose day and I am yet to see it because I am that girl who waits for the best moment to watch so that I will thoroughly enjoy it.


Mamma Mia

… here I go again! (Sorry, I am in a weird mood🙃). I finished this one last week and even watched the bonuses afterwards. Yes I am that obsessed. I absolutely freaking am in love with this movie, it has everything I love: music, dancing, incredible actors (hello Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried) and amazing scenery. It is one of my all times favorite movies eveeeeer.


Okay, now I want to watch all of them…


What is/are your fave(s) movie(s) to watch when you feel down/I need a pick me up?


Hope you enjoyed and have an amazing day!

xoxo Gaby

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