Fashion pieces on my to-buy list

March 6, 2019

fashion to-buy list

Is it just me or fashion lately has been really great? Every time I’ve wandered on my favorite online stores, I’ve found a few things I really loved – which is quite dangerous for my bank accounts to be honest. I’ve been wanting to add a few new pieces int my wardrobe, especially with spring at the door. Get your inspiration board or your credit cards ready (sorry?)- here are a few fashion pieces on my to-buy list:

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”topshop-jeans” size=”large” title=”Jeans”]

A mix of skinny jeans and a straight-leg one. I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for years, being 5’1, I’m a bit scared that straight-leg jeans will my legs look like two trunks. But I’m trying to venture out of hating on how my body looks and Mariajblogs’s insta stories on this pair got me hooked.


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”t-shirts” size=”large” title=”T-shirts”]

Nothing like a good t-shirt! I love the look of a t-shirt tucked into jeans, I think it’s so effortlessly cool. Add in a bright lip and boom you look bomb.




[shopr_shopthepost collection=”shirts-jackets” size=”large” title=”Shirts & a jacket”]

Shirts are the perfect top to wear in-between seasons. I love how they feel and damn, they make anyone look fancy or cool depending on the style of shirt. I always go for flow-y simple ones because they feel good.


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”skirts-and-dresses” size=”large” title=”Skirts and dresses”]

Can you imagine I don’t own any midi-length skirts and dresses? I know… I’m afraid they won’t look good on my very short body. But I just love how they look! They’ve been featured on every fashion account lately and there are so many styles to try and play with. These are a mix of a few pieces I’ve fell in love with.


What piece of clothing or style are you in love with at the moment? 

2 responses to “Fashion pieces on my to-buy list”

  1. I love everything, especially these t shirts! I agree that fashion is just so good right now!

    Shannon |

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