On Fashion online and the Consumerism culture

October 25, 2018

I’ve been pondering over this topic for a while, without really being able to put words on my thoughts on this topic. I love clothes, and like with makeup I’m amazed at how a great, well-fitting outfit can make someone feel more confident and feel like they can accomplish anything.

I always get so inspired after scrolling Instagram to buy new clothes to recreate a new outfit and with Autumn being my favorite season for fashion, it’s everyday. But something bothered me about this and after reading amazing Jade’s post on the problem with fast fashion, I was able to get a clearer idea of what felt wrong.

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I get influenced quite easily about people’s ideas. I think because I’m quite empathic, I can see someone’s point of view and put myself in their shoes effortlessly which is not always great because it means that I can have a hard time picking a “side” on certain subjects. Because of this, I’ve never been quite sure of what type of consumer I am deeply. I’m not one to place online orders every week – not even every month. I’m sensible in my purchases but it doesn’t mean that I’m not dying  to buy a new blaser or a furry coat because trust me, I’m on the website every darn day with them in my basket.

Clothes are an amazing form of expression, you can be anyone, change style everyday and feel good thanks to them. But I’m having a bit of issue with how much of a society of consumerism we are. Every day, I’m on Instagram and I feel bad because I don’t have the latest trendy pieces of clothing or shoes and every day I wonder how on earth can these people afford to buy from the new collections all the time. It feels so fast paced, so temporary that I often feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest.

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If you know Anna from the Youtube channel and blog The Anna Edit, you’ll know that she’s quite big on “capsule wardrobes” meaning having a certain amount of clothes for each season that she can mix together to create different outfits. At first, I thought it was a bit too restrictive to only “allow” herself to buy very few new clothes each season but then I realized that it was quite smart. Each item fits her perfectly, is of better quality and go with everything that she owns. She only buys new items that are different from the ones she already owns – or if they are similar she knows she’ll get a lot of wear off them- and I realized that isn’t that what I should be doing? She says that when she wants to buy something, she pictures how she could create different outfits using this same  to see how it would pair with others that she already owns. In my opinion, I think that’s a smart approach to creating a wardrobe that reflects you and to be less a follower of fast fashion.

Apart from the problem of consuming too much, I think fast fashion also makes us feel bad about ourselves. It creates a feeling of always running after the fashion trends and never truly feeling satisfied. It’s this idea that to be well-dressed, you should always seek out the latest trends to incorporate in your wardrobe and that’s just not me. I’m more into style than fashion because as Tan from Queer Eye said “Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, body type”  and that sounds perfect to me. I don’t mind not wearing the latest trends, but I care about how it fits and how it makes me feel and look.

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I totally understand that it had now become a business to influence people to buy new clothes from different brands – hence the new “influencer” era – but I like to think that behind this influential idea, there is also this want to influence people on how they can make themselves feel better, more confident and to get out of their comfort zone – or get more confortable and still manage to look cute.

It really is a topic of “you do you” honestly. Whatever feels right for you, by all means go for it. Clothes are meant to be useful but also fun to play with!

What do you think about fashion and social media? What about consumerism?

3 responses to “On Fashion online and the Consumerism culture”

  1. I dont think ive ever been influenced by what i see online to want to go and buy new clothes or shoes! I dont really follow trends, i buy stuff in shops whether i like it or not, not if its a new trend on insta. I do see how a lot of people can be influenced by it but its not really a bad thing as such. I love the idea of capsule wardrobes because ive bought so much stuff in my time that i either dont wear or cant pair it with other stuff!

  2. I struggle in the same way. I want a solid wardrobe filled with classics that I’ll wear forever but I still find my head turned by trends all the time!

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