Dior – Birthday Presents

September 13, 2017


I never thought I would own a Dior product so soon. I am not one to splurge easily and would never buy something knowing I cannot afford it.

So when my amazing friend Estelle contacted me whilst working as a substitute for Dior Perfume and asked me if she could bring me something from Dior I was over the moon. So when I went home and saw that I had received a parcel – like a box – I was surprised. She didn’t get me one thing… she got me four. I’ll let that sink in. Yes, yes indeed she is the best.


Dior Forever foundation in 020 Beige Clair

The best. I wore it again yesterday and it is incredible. It has medium to full coverage, is buildable, looks like skin and wears perfectly throughout the day so much that it pains me to take it off. This foundation has a “luminous matte finish” so it looks really natural and never cake-y. I am obsessed with this packaging as well it’s beautiful, I love the feel of it and the overall look. Just yesterday, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror in a store and was like “damn, my foundation looks good” because it looks that good.

It also has SPF 35 which is awesome and a shine control property. It says on the bottle “perfect makeup / everlasting wear / pore-refining effect” all of which I totally agree with. To be honest, this is the best foundation I have ever worn.

IMG_73705 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 537 Touch

At first I was a bit unsettled because it wasn’t really pigmented. Turned out after using it a bit it’s as if a little veil was taken off and it was more pigmented. There is close to no kick-back at all and the colors are very soft and natural looking. I usually use the left top corner pink all over my lids, use a little bit of the middle shade on the middle of my lid, use both the bottom colors on the crease the champagne-white color underneath the brow bone and in the inner corners to bring luminosity.

I have hooded eyes so usually get quite a bit of creasing but with this palette get teeny tiny line. The consistency feels powdery and buttery and the same time and super soft. I am absolutely obsessed with this palette, you can create a soft look and a more intense look and the colors are gorgeous.


Lip Sugar Scrub

First of all, this smells so good. It exfoliates the lips but doesn’t dry them out but rather leaves a little tint of color and moisturizes the lips like a lip balm. I love using this, I had never tried a lip scrub before so I cannot compare with other products but it does a great job.


Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in 421 Natural Beige

I was so excited to get this as it is one of Dior’s latest launches and I was really intrigued by it. The consistency is like nothing else I’ve tried it feels very watery but also very… plumpy is the only I can describe it. It has a nice minty scent and feels fresh on the lips so I guess it comes from that. I usually apply two coats to get a nice tint to the lips and wait for it to dry. I love the color as it is a nude but darker than my lip color and has a bit of red in it as well and I have no color like that.

Once it’s dry it feels like you have nothing on the lips and lasts for a few hours before it fades. It fades a bit weirdly actually as it goes off on the inner part of the lips quite quickly but I have a bad habit of wetting this part with my tongue so it might be that. I also advise you not to eat anything with oil or wet like a salad or a soup as it dissolves the lip tattoo.

I really like this product and I love the color, I really want to get it in one of their pink colors as well as they are gorgeous.


I am so happy with these and every time I open my makeup drawer I feel all fuzzy inside with happiness at their sight – I know, so materialistic of me. But honestly when you get product that work and look amazing and look great on you it’s a win.

Do you own any Dior product and what do you think of them? Is there anything you’d like to try from them?

xxx G

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  1. Right! It feels so weird/exciting everytime I open my makeup bag 😍 xx

  2. These items look so luxurious 😍😍

  3. I have the Rouge Dior Coutur Colour in the shade 683. It’s very creamy but has a satin to matte finish. Dior has such amazing products and I hope to try more of them.
    Belated happy birthday, girl. Hope you had a great one. xx

    Nikki | http://nikkijnapalang.wordpress.com

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