Creating the perfect brows with the Benefit Precisely my brows pencil

January 25, 2019

Brows. They have definitely seen all kind of trends and I have to say that’s why I waited until I was 20 to get my brows done for the first time.

I was so scared that I would end up with a line. I remember telling the beautician that I really wanted them to look natural and not too thin, please. She quickly reassured me, telling me that trend was long gone and she did a perfect job. It’s only recently – a couple years maybe – that I’ve started to use a brow pencil.

As I mentioned, my brows are quite sparse and I felt the need to draw them in a little bit. I used to love the NYX micro brow pencil and the NYX tame and frame brow pomade but they are not easy to find here in France.

B benefit-2

A benefit-2

As I don’t want an overly done look when I do my brows, I decided to try the Benefit Precisely my brow pencil as everyone and their mother as been talking about it and I love how thin the pencil tip is. I got it in 3,5 and it’s a perfect match for my brows, not too light, not too deep.

I find that it’s so easy to fill in my brows by using this product. It’s basically like drawing hair, it looks natural and it helps to shape my brows better. It also has a spoolie on the other end which is oh so practical and helps to draw them in.

C benefit-2

I find that this brow pencil lasts all day long and can even survive a very sweaty gym session if I forget to take off my brow makeup and that’s saying something. I always set them in place using the Glossier boy brow in brown and it creates the perfect brow look.

How do you love your brows? Natural, bushy, neat?

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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this one, definitely need to try it!

    Mariya |

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