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May 31, 2017

Hello beautiful!

Guess whaaaat, I finally  placed an order on !!!! Well actually a few weeks ago as I needed to try them out before writing this post.

I had been wanted to place an order for aaaages, more specifically since Christmas time but as I live in France, I needed to place an order of more than 60 dollars and with the customs fee… Well it was just too expensive. But when I receive an email from Colourpop a few weeks saying they were doing a free international shipping… I was quite quick to place it. I decided not to get too crazy (my bank account would have killed me otherwise…) but to buy what I knew I would like and wanted.

As I absolutely love Kathleen Lights on Youtube and I had seen all her videos about her collars with Colourpop, I knew that I wanted to buy some of her products. Therefore, I bought Alyssa, November, Point Zero and Lumière as well as Cornelius from her collabs. I also bought FricknFrack and the Super Shock Shadow Wattles.

Colourpop satin lip lippie stix and eyeshadow

First off, the Super Shock Eyeshadows. Consistency-wise, I was shocked when I opened them. They are like nothing I ever used before. They basically feel like a dry version of butter and are so soft to the touch. They glide on the lids and blend like a dream. I am in awe with them. Cornelius is a gorgeous brown with orange undertones, it makes the eye-look so natural that it just looks like you are wearing nothing yet it’s looks incredible. Wattles is beautiful shiny pink and the consistency is a bit more creamy-like. I am in love with both, I haven’t used any other eyeshadows since I got them. They are both perfect for spring (and any time of the year), they make my green eyes pop and they last all day.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Cornelius and Wattles

Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows Cornelius and Wattles 2Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Cornelius and Wattles swatches

This swatches are only with one swipe of the product 

Liiiiips now! I got four Ultra Satin Lips which are “Long Wearing Matte Moisturizing” liquid lipsticks. I got Alyssa, November, Point Zero and Frick N’Frack. The formula is amazing, it’s super smooth, opaque after the first swipe, doesn’t totally dry down so it can transfers a bit but never really smudges on the lips. You can apply as many times as you want (though it’s not really needed except after a meal if you had quite a messy one) it won’t look weird. It leaves kind of a stain on the lips so it still looks good even if it has worn off a bit, I even find it hard to take it off at night because of the longevity. And it doesn’t dry out my lips and I have the fastest drying lips ever, but make sure to exfoliate them beforehand to avoid the dry bits to be accentuated a bit.

Colourpop Satin Lip Alyssa November Point Zero Frick'n'frack

Colourpop Satin Lip Alyssa November Point Zero Frick'n'frack Swatches

Left to Right: Alyssa, November, Point Zero, Frick N’ Frack

I also got Lumière which is a lippie stix which is a “pigmented comfy” lipstix in a stick form. It’s super creamy, feels very moisturizing and are very pigmented. Lumière is a gorgeous darker pink.

Colourpop Lippie Stix Lumière

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero FricknFrack Lumière Swatches

Lumière is the one on the top 

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero FricknFrack swatches sun

How they look in the sun

Now… the customs fee. I didn’t receive any email saying I needed to pay something so when I saw when following the delivery that it was in France, I thought “Yippeee, no fees to pay!”. Well, no Gaby… I received with my pack a nice notice saying that I needed to pay 21,95 euros for the customs fee… Basically half of the price of my order… Great. I am quite annoyed by this but since I am very happy with everything I got (I bought Beeper Satin Lip for my sister as well), I’ll look past that…

Price-wise, Each Satin Lip was $6 and $5 for the Lippie Stix, and $5 for the Super Shock Shadows. And I got a free eyeshadow pencil because there was an offer if you bought 2 Super Shock Shadows.

Delivery-wise, I placed my order on the 26th of April and it was delivered on the 10th of May, so it only took 12 days to be delivered (it was shipped on the 28th)! Pretty awesome.

Overall, though it costed about 60 euros in total which hurt my wallet a bit, I am really happy with this purchase. I wanted to buy them for so long, pretty much ever since Kathleen came out with them so now having them and using them feels so nice. She did an amazing job.

Do you have any Colourpop products? Which one(s)?

Hope you enjoyed <3

xoxo Gaby

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2 responses to “Colourpop Haul !”

  1. MAHALA says:

    Beautiful lipstick shades! I am really loving the Super Shock Shadows La La and Prickly Pear at the moment, they’re so creamy and pigmented!

  2. I love what you got especially the Wattles eyeshadow! Sadly I don’t own any color pop products because it’s even more of a nightmare to shop to where I live 😂😂 Great post!

    Pearl ||

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