Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect CC Cream – Review

March 28, 2017

Hey guys!

Soooo… I’ve been bad… I went beauty shopping last week and went a bit crazy (two hauls will be up pretty soon, because this girl went back shopping today… sorrynotsorry). As I told you in my previous little haul, I wasn’t sure about buying the Bourjois CC cream or returning the wrong shade I got. I wasn’t sure about the coverage or if it would suit me. As my skin as been a lot better recently (more soon about this), I changed the color to get my right shade, (31 Ivory) and decided to give it a try.

And thank goodness I did! As it is a CC cream, and therefore is supposed to have a light coverage and a more moisturizing effect than foundation, I figured that as I have a more oily skin, it would be a disaster, well not at all! It is so amazing, I think it actually helps with the oiliness as, sometimes, it comes because your skin needs to be hydrated, so this “24h hydration”  factor is perfect. Second of all, since it is a CC cream and not a foundation, because it takes time for my skin to heal my blemishes’ scars, I didn’t think it would cover them well and I would need to use a really good concealer on top of the scars, well, wrong again Gaby.

                     Left side and no CC cream Right side with the CC cream

Left photo: left side of my face without CC cream – Right one : right side with CC Cream

It has actually a really great I would say light to medium coverage (you can definitely build it up on problem areas) and covers the skin really naturally and well. As it is said, it has 3 color correction pigments and I find that it totally works. My skin is a bit red on the cheeks and it totally covers the redness, as well as the scars and the fatigue! It makes my skin look super healthy and luminous and overall really good.

Staying power-wise, it lasts the whole day on me. I don’t really need to powder throughout the day (though it is getting hotter so I might need to from time to time) and I find it to separate a bit on the skin if I don’t hydrate myself enough, so it’s my fault…

The shade is a perfect match for my skin, but as their lightest shade, it would actually be way too dark for a fairer skin-tone which is not so great.

The price is perfectly reasonable as I paid 10-11 euros for it and it is 30ml so the normal amount of product.

I am so impressed with this honestly, I had heard great things about it on blogs and on Youtube, but some reviews were quite negative so I was not sure it would work for my skin. I am so happy it did.

Have you ever tried this CC Cream? What is your go-to foundation at the moment?

Hope you enjoyed! Have an awesome day!

xx Gaby

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2 responses to “Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect CC Cream – Review”

  1. I can’t believe you got such wonderful coverage with only a BB cream, that’s awesome! I’ve always had such dry/combination skin but since I became pregnant, I’ve tremendous hormone breakouts on my chin and oily skin. I’m never really sure how to handle my skincare regime let alone my makeup! I’m using Dermalogica Medi Bac at the moment which seems to be helping so I’ll give this BB cream a go – means I won’t have to cake foundation on either.
    Great post!
    Lauren, xx

    • Thank you so much!! I have to say I was really impressed as well with the coverage,even my sister who as acne scars and breakouts in general was smiling while applying it it worked so well at evening out her skin tone :D,totally recommend it! (You should try the A-derma Severe Blemish care cream! It’s aimed at helping to eliminate breakouts and helps to matify the skin, I swear by it!)
      Congratulations by the way on being pregnant!! So happy for you!! (I love your blog and will for sure love Littleinthecity!)
      xoxo Gaby

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