Blogging Tips and Tricks I’ve Learnt Along the Way

January 24, 2018

The blogging world can be a scary one. It is now so highly competitive that it can be hard to know how to develop your blog to make it as good as possible and stand out. The truth is, each blog and its blogger is unique. There is no right or wrong way to blog, as long as you are passionate about what you post and you do work on it, it will pay off at some point.

Though each blog is unique, I’ve learned a lot of good tips from other bloggers and from blogging more and more that have helped me and that I think can be good for every blog owner.

Make it Your Personal Space

First and foremost, something that stopped me from blogging for a long time is that your blog is your own space. You don’t need to blog the same way as everybody and you absolutely don’t have to categorize yourself. If you think you want to be a beauty blogger first and foremost and maybe blog about lifestyle once in a while that’s good, but if you don’t really know/want to belong in a special category, you don’t have to! If one day you want to do lifestyle, the next travel, the one after food and sometimes beauty, it’s good as well. Just make sure to be yourself and to write about what you are passionate about, it’s what is important.

Also make sure to link your social media on your blog to make sure that your audience can follow you there and create a relationship and a better way for them to get to know you.

Do link your blog on your social media accounts and give your blogging email address on your blog and social media as well so that if a company, a fellow blogger or a follower wants to contact you they know where. It also makes your blog look more professional.

Blogging Tips & Tricks I_ve Learnt Along the Way 3The Writing

How you title your posts is very important. Along with the featured image, it’s the first thing people will see. Therefore, you need to try to find a way to attract them as best as possible. Try to use catch words, SEO catchers and if you are using numbers like “_ things  about me/I learned/ etc…”, you don’t need to use a round number like 10 or 15. It will sound more genuine if not rather than implicating that you tried hard to find 15 things when 13 which will sound more natural and no effort-y. Do I even make sense…?

Another thing that I learned is that, to sound more professional it’s best to use short, to the point sentences, and not put exclamation points every five seconds (we’ve all been there…). If you want your readers to feel the energy and excitement, of course you can use it every once in a while to put impact on your words, but in moderation.

Also try to keep your own way writing style, it’s also what will make your blog standout in the long run and something that will keep your readers coming back if they like the style.

Go back to it. Write a first draft of a blog post and then wait a few hours or until the next day and read it again. You will find it easier to correct what feels wrong, make more sense and touch up a few grammar or typing mistakes. I always find that when I come back to it, I like my content better.


I am guilty of putting a lot of importance on the photography. A good photo attracts me and right away in Bloglovin, I feel like the post will be better.

Try to get good-looking photos in the first place by working on the content but you can also edit your photos, I do, but I try to make sure not to overedit. Enhance it, but don’t make it look fake is what I’m trying to say.

Something else I learned is that not everything you feature in a photo has to be in full shot. It actually looks nicer when you don’t see them fully and makes it look more natural.

Social Media

Make sure that your name on your different social media accounts are the same or close to the name of your blog. It will make it easier to find you on social media if the reader hasn’t been able to use links on your blog – or hasn’t looked.

You can also link your blog on your accounts which is always very useful for when  someone finds through Twitter or Instagram and wants to check out your blog.

Use social media to promote your blogposts but keep a balance. Don’t over-promote your posts, try to have a good mix of random thoughts on Twitter and promotion and of everyday photos and blog promotion for example. Social media helps you show more of your personality and every day life as well as promoting your work.

Blogging Tips & Tricks I_ve Learnt Along the Way 2My Savior Apps

Like many fellow bloggers, I use apps to help make blogging easier.

For editing on my phone, I like to use Snapseed, I think it helps to create naturally beautiful pictures, crop them or changing the angle. For Instagram, I use Planoly so that I can see how each photo will look next to the others and plan a bit more my feed. You can also prepare your photos schedule them but for scheduling, I prefer Buffer. Who hasn’t heard of this amazing app/website? It helps to schedule tweets and Instagram posts and is a real game-changer. I like to prepare my promotion posts so that I can then tweet and post Instagram photos randomly. Bitly is amazing to create short links – great for not taking up most of your word-count on Twitter.

Of course I use the WordPress and Bloglovin app for everyday use. I check out new followers, how the stats are going and I like using the WordPress app for answering comments as I find it easier than on my laptop actually.

Consistency is Key

Even if you will only post once a week, try your best to keep posting regularly and if possible on the same day. It will help your readers to know when to expect the posts and will also make your blog look more professional, rather than posting three times one week and not for the next two weeks. I like to plan ahead to make sure I always have blogposts ready to go in the bank that will only require some touch-ups so that I can post when needed.


What are your blogging tips and tricks? Do you use an app that has been a game-changer for you?


x Gabrielle

8 responses to “Blogging Tips and Tricks I’ve Learnt Along the Way”

  1. Charlotte says:

    These are really helpful tips, and I completely agree about the photography aspect, hence why I’m trying to improve mine 🙂

    -Charlotte x

  2. wearsrosie says:

    Loved reading these tip and tricks! I use buffer for twitter also, but don’t yet use a scheduling app for Instagram. Might give it a try!

    Rosie |

  3. Rachel says:

    Loved this post and such helpful reminders for me!

    xx Rachel |

  4. Great post girl! The thing I tend to stick to is that it should always be personal. Always stay true to yourself and the topics you like to write about. Don’t write about something just because it is trending. People notice when you are passionate about a topic and when you just write to write 😊

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