Beauty Products I Have Fallen Back in Love With

June 25, 2017

Hello lovelies,

Don’t you feel like sometimes, you get into a beauty routine and tend to use the same products ? Yeah, I do that too. Last week I was trying to sort out my makeup drawer and came across a few makeup products I had l been obsessed with but that had ended up at the bottom of the stacks.


Rimmel Wake me Up foundation

I believe this is the first foundation I ever bought; I used to wear BB creams as a beauty newbie and couldn’t understand why I didn’t get enough coverage and looked so shiny. Well, Gaby that’s because a BB cream is mostly moisturizing and you you have combination to oily skin I used to wear it every day last year and as I started to try out other products, it ended up behind other products. I love it because it offers a light to medium coverage and gives the perfect healthy glow, and the advertised “wake me up” effect totally works annnd it’s super affordable and does the job. I’ve fallen back in love with it and have been using it tons in the past few weeks. And I definitely need to buy a new one.


Rimmel Stay matte primer

I freaking love this primer. Last year, as I had to walk about 30min to University, I often found myself arriving at school and already being shiny. I found this primer at Superdrug and fell in love, I tend to get oily and this keeps the oil at bay but doesn’t make the skin look dry. My sister who is a teenager and therefore as an oilier skin than I have, used it again last week during her exams while it was around 30 degrees in the classroom and said that she had forgotten how amazing it was. So there you go. I am now using it again with glowier foundations and love it still.


Kiko lip and cheek cream

This one was purchased during a small shopping spree in Kiko Cosmetics store but I think it was part of a collection. First off, the packaging is gorgeous and even the box – that I kept because I’m a freak – was gorgeous. I used it nonstop at some point and then, went on to use another one because I got sick of the lid – which is quite hard to open – and kind of forgot about it.

The product itself is pigmented, smells awesome and does the job. I only use it for my cheeks and it makes them look naturally flushed. Plus, I find that it lasts longer than powder products on the cheeks so I might invest in a cream bronzer, which one would you advise me to purchase?


Mac matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy

This one holds a special place in my heart. I spent weeks last week obsessed with Mac lipsticks to the point where I was watching every Mac lipsticks collection that I could find on Youtube, screenshotting my faves and not buying any because I couldn’t afford them. We were living in Birmingham for our year abroad (with my boyfriend) and I couldn’t justify buying a 20€ lipstick when our monthly heating bill was 130€ and let’s not talk about groceries and others. When my parents came to visit, my sister and I got talking about the Mac lipstick and I told her that I really wanted Velvet Teddy, we talked about others and when we went to London for a day, we went to a Mac store but I didn’t buy one. I know, I am crazy. It just felt unnecessary though I really wanted it. But my mom, being amazing and all, when they flew back home, bought me and my sister each our first Mac lipstick at the Duty Free store. She got me Velvet Teddy thanks to the brilliant memory of my sister and she got her Twig which is gorgeous as well. Now every time that I wear it, it brings back so many memories But, for a while I wasn’t wearing it. I don’t even know why to be honest. A few weeks back I went through all of my lip products and decided to branch out a bit from what I always wear and this went in the pile. I still totally love it, the color is perfect, the longevity is good, the smell is awesome, the packaging is great and the memories are still there

5NYX soft matte lip creams in Antwerp

Same obsession for these. I was so obsessed with the swatches videos on Youtube to help me find a perfect shade that I spent hours watching them. I started by buying Amsterdam and Milan, which were pretty bold first purchases choices but oh well, I then bought Cannes, Prague and Antwerp. Antwerp is such a spring/summer color to me that I didn’t get to wear it during winter (could have though) and now I am so happy to wear it again, it’s such a nice bright color that makes you look super healthy and happy. I usually do a very simple face and eye makeup look with it and it brings such a great pop of color to the face.


Left to right: Kiko cheek and lip – Antwerp – Velvet Teddy

Do you have beauty products that you rediscovered later? It’s a shame to not use it that much but it kind of feels great though, to fall back in love with a product.


I hope you enjoyed and wish you a great Sunday!

xx Gaby

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6 responses to “Beauty Products I Have Fallen Back in Love With”

  1. Bhumika says:

    Nyx Antwerp is such a pretty shade!!! Also, loved that quote card behind.:)


  2. Brynnie says:

    Hi! I literally did the exact same thing with velvet teddy this month too! It used to be one of my most worn lipsticks and then for some reason I just started to use it and loved it! The nix shades and rimmel foundation look amazing as well, lovely post xx Brynnie

  3. I adore NYX! Great review, I’m looking forward to your future posts.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | 🌻✨

    • Me too! They have really good quality makeup, I’m going to the U.K. in a couple weeks and will definitely buy more of their products 🙈☺️
      Definitely will!! xxx

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