A Year Later, Did I Achieve All my 2019 Goals?

décembre 28, 2019

Goals are a funny thing aren’t they. You decide at the start of a new year of a few achievements, things you want to improve but more often than not, comes March and most people have forgotten everything that was on their list, or just can’t be bothered.

Being someone who really values sticking to my word, I stay quite conscious throughout the year of what’s on my list. I view each start of a new year as an opportunity for improvement. Picture a body/mind scan of myself comes the end of December and there you have it: a new list of goals ready for the new year.

Last year was no different, I had thought very carefully about what I wanted to achieve in the year I’d turn 25. It was a lot of mental shifts to be worked on, new ways of thinking that meant a lot of work on myself and my brain. So, did I manage to achieve my 2019 goals? Let’s see…

2019 Goals a Year After | Did I Achieve Them All?

Blogging 3 times a week

Ah… let’s start with a fail shall we? As I was working full time and tried to keep up with other resolutions (working out, etc.) I knew it’d be more complicated and harder than I wanted. When I was a student, I could work around my changing schedule to post 3 times a week. It was way harder last year and I ended up only being able to blog once a week most of the time. It was really a bummer and I felt guilty not to. But to be fair, other challenges had to be faced privately that were more important.

Curating my social media platforms

I think I did a pretty good job with this one. I started 2019 with a day-long curating of every person I was following on Instagram and it felt good and so necessary. The platform had started to be a very dark place for me. I tried throughout the year to keep on doing that when it felt needed. It’s not always easy as most time, it’s not the creator’s fault if I feel bad about their content, it’s entirely in my head. But you know what? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and if it means unfollowing or muting someone, I need to do it.


I did okay on that one. We went to Northern Italy as I had wanted, for our 9th anniversary in July which was such a good trip. I also went twice to Paris, which even though it’s still in France ended up being great decisions. I got a breath of fresh air and creativity both times and it was very much needed. I wish we could have traveled more but three times is already pretty great! Oh! And I almost forgot that I went to Amsterdam for 3 days for work in June! Even though we weren’t able to visit as much as we would have wanted, this trip will stay in my mind forever.

2019 Goals a Year After | Did I Achieve Them All?

My Mindset

Uhm, my work on self-confidence and body confidence still needs some work, so that’ll be one to keep on my 2020 list I think. I do believe that our deepest insecurities do require a work on the long term so I’m okay with not completely achieving that one. I still think I took a good few steps in the right direction, and that’s already quite an achievement.

Working on myCareer

This was the resolution I as most scared about, and I think that’s also why 2019 was a hard year for me. It took many months for me to figure some things out and I’m pretty proud that I’ve also taken quite a few important steps in the right direction for this one as well. It was hard, but necessary for me to get where I want to go. Bit pat on the back for that one!



And you, how did your 2019 resolutions go for you? A few resolutions you achieved? Some you still need to keep on your 2020 list…?

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