A Surprise 7 year Anniversary Trip to the South of France

July 9, 2017

Hello everyone!

Last weekend marked the 7th year my boyfriend and I have been together. It honestly blows my mind how time flies. And even though we’ve been together for so long and we know each other by heart (but since we all never stop growing as a person, there is always something to learn about each other) he still manages to surprise me.

I would say about a month and a half prior ago, we started talking about what we would do for our seventh anniversary. He started by saying that he would take care of it but then a few weeks after when I started asking for hints, he said that actually money was tight and we couldn’t go anywhere, so we’d do the usual Chinese restaurant. I was a bit down by it, I really wanted to do something special and to see him more (we’re currently doing an internship so not living together at the moment) but indeed, as both students, money is tight. We planned to have lunch at our fave Chinese restaurant so when on Saturday morning at about 10h30 he told me to get ready because he’d be there in 15min, I just thought “well, that’s a bit early for lunch” but didn’t think much of it. Naïve Gaby.

He arrived and told me “pack a bag honey, we’re leaving”. I was in total shock, I had had a hard morning so far and kept crying (hello there hormones, I know I know, that time of the month is coming soon) and felt quite weird. Anxiety immediately kicked in as anytime something unplanned comes up or when I have to go somewhere unfamiliar. I started to feel anxiety rising to a possible panic attack so I just concentrated on the task at hand: pack a bag in like 5 mins. I started packing really quickly some  beauty products (hello, my name is Gabrielle and I am a beauty addict) before he could stop me while he packed some clothes for me – yes, we know each other so well that he knows what clothes I will need/want. All the time trying to push back the rising level of anxiety by concentrating on how amazing of a surprise it was and for all the effort he put in organizing this trip – and hiding it from me. It took about an hour or so of car ride for me to start to calm down.


I was so excited to spend an entire weekend just with him and to not know where we were going (weirdly enough, excitement can do so much). He kept the surprise of where we were going the entire ride, giving me hints only by the direction signs on the road asking every time “so, which one?”. Turns out we were going to Toulon and he had been planning it for months. The hotel was amazing (and we had been upgraded!) with a pool, a restaurant, the largest bed I have ever seen in my life (like the size of two King size beds) and the most amazing views.


2 meters large bed

After dropping our things at the hotel, we left again for a surprise destination. Unfortunately, he had planned to go on the highest mountain of the city by cable car, but because of the wind it was closed down so we went up but by car. And it was a blessing in disguise because tthe view from the (scary) road was breathtaking, you could see the entire city and the sea. The higher we went, the happier I became.









After taking hundreds of pictures, we wandered around local shops that were selling souvenirs and then went to a zoo of endangered species which was really great (though it always makes me feel sad to see them in cages).






We then went back to the hotel and went for a swim in the pool which was amazing because well first the pool was heated (though the weather was a perfect 27°C) and we were the only ones there.


sorry for the quality, had to take the picture with Snapchat

After that, we went to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner and both had a smoked salmon Caesar salad which was amazing. We were pretty tired by then me for not having a proper night of sleep for a week and him for driving for 5 hours in the traffic so we just cuddled while watching TV.


The next day, we went to see the Port of Toulon and the beach, we walked for close to 2 hours before stopping for a drink in a bar on the beach close by to the car. We had to leave earlier than we would have wanted as we didn’t how much traffic there would be (close to none) and I was working the next day and had slept about 3 to hours that night (hellooo anxiety!). I was so incredibly sad to leave. It was a short period of time but it was so perfect and so nice to get away from the routine for a weekend. I had never been to Toulon nor had my boyfriend and since we drove there, we were able to see more of France which is always great.




Where we went the day before










In the end, I love how unexpected this trip was. Everything felt exciting and out of time. Something I love about my boyfriend is that he knows me so well and knows my anxiety triggers and can tell when I am anxious / panicky, but he always knows when to “push” me to do something because of the benefits of it and always knows how to handle my anxiety. He knows that I don’t deal well with unexpectedness and not being in control, but he knew that I could do it and still planned this trip and did everything he could to make my anxiety more manageable and even disappear after a couple hours. It’s so nice to have someone who knows you so well and who makes you so calm and at ease. I love how easy he makes getting out of my comfort zone be. Okay, I am going to stop with the awful cheesiness and just end up by saying that this was such the best weekend ever.

We definitely want to explore the cities around Toulon next like Cassis as the area was so beautiful, so if you have been anywhere in the south of France you loved (we’re too poor for anywhere outside of France for now), please let me know!

Ooooh! And by the wayyy (you can tell I’m excited), my mom, sister and I have booked a girls trip to Brighton for mid/end August!!!! I am sooo excited! My sister and I have been wanting to visit Brighton for years now (well, and vlogs of Brighton-based Youtubers have not helped) so the fact that we can finally go makes me want to dance. It’s true, having to wait for something actually makes getting it even better.

I hope you enjoyed and apologies for the number of photos, I just couldn’t decide ðŸ˜…

xx Gaby

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14 responses to “A Surprise 7 year Anniversary Trip to the South of France”

  1. That’s so nice of your boyfriend!! I live just next to Toulon, it’s a pretty nice area with awesome weather all year around 🙂 If you ever go there again, I suggest Sanary, Bandol, Les Sablettes for a more seaside feel. And north of Marseille, I definitely suggest visiting Aix-en-Provence, it’s really pretty!

  2. Valentina says:

    My boyfriend organized a surprise trip to the South of France too!We were in Perpignan, you have to check it out! 🙂 moreplanesthantrains.wordpress.com

  3. Velvet Blush says:

    Congratulations on the 7 years! He is so thoughtful! Honestly, this sounds like an amazing trip, and I’m glad you enjoyed it xx

    Velvet Blush

  4. earthtoloz says:

    This looks so gorgeous, and what a lovely, understanding boyfriend you have! Xx

  5. brynnieblogs says:

    Congratulations on seven years! The trip sounds amazing and was such a good surprise by your boyfriend! xx Brynn


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