A Summer Survival Guide

July 11, 2018

Summer is well and truly here and seeing my English babes suffering from the British Heat Wave I realize that though I am pretty used to the South-east French summers, some people don’t deal well with the heat.

I have to say that I love summer. I love waking up to a blue sky, enjoying the freshness (most of the time) of the morning, the feeling of the sun on my skin during the day and mostly, what summer means to me. 4 words: relaxing – books – pool – not having to get ready for anything. Well, 10 words really but you get it.

But as much as I love it, when we get a heatwave for 10 days like we had last week, (meaning the temperatures for where I live, didn’t go below 21°C at night and were of 36°C during the day for more than 3 days) and I can’t sleep because it’s 26°C most of the night and I’m sweating all day long, so much that I get a irritated moustache, I’m not so much of a fan. However, I do know more or less what to do when that happens.

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Drink a lot

Hydration is very important all year long but even more during summer. Your body needs to get back this water you are sweating.

Eat cold and light

There is nothing worse than sweating even more or feeling sick because you’ve eaten something heavy and hot. To be honest, I don’t really feel hungry when it’s really hot so I’ll always choose something cold and light like a salad or a spring roll.


Put that fan on

When the heatwave started, my boyfriend and I decided that we needed a fan to survive and boy it made a difference. We would even get it to the bedroom for nighttime before I went to bed and then I would turn it back on after closing the shudders when the sun was rising. Life-saver.

Cold showers

hate feeling discussing and sweaty so whenever I come home I head straight to the shower to take off my makeup and tale a shower. But during summer and especially a heatwave, it doesn’t keep me cool for long so I like to take a cold shower before bed so that I don’t get it bed all sticky and hot.


IMG_4828Ice cream all the way

Nothing feels better when it’s super hot than to eat an ice cream or a sorbet. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Dress light

This is very obvious but try to avoid heavy fabrics, trousers and anything to skin-tight otherwise you’ll feel like you can’t breathe.


Make the most of it

If you have a swimming-pool, a heatwave is actually okay, you just spend the day floating around like mermaid and can even have night swimming which is great but when you don’t, it can be very hard. Try to find a lake to go swim in or even a public swimming-pool, ask a friend who has a swimming pool if you can come over and bring a salad or a fruit desert to compensate. I like to remind myself of how miserable I feel when it’s super cold and dreary outside in January and I can’t wait for the hot weather to feel better. Summer is the time of fun, adventure and exploring after all.

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